Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Pretty Girl, More Patterns, and AEDM

For a change of pace, I decided to draw a pretty girl and I like her. She was fun to draw and I think I have to maybe combine girls and birds as I am not ready to quit drawing birds yet.

She needs some shading and maybe a hint of color.

And I am sorry embarrassed happy to share some more patterns that I worked on yesterday. Making patterns appears to be the only way I can forget this pain in my shoulder/arm. I tried heat instead of cold yesterday and although it appeared to offer some relief, today I can hardly stand the pain. I am definitely going to have to see someone tomorrow - that is if I can make it through the day without going to some walk in place.

This is the rooster I drew the other colored in PS and then made into a pattern. 

Made from letter L in Bordoni Ornaments font

Made using letter M in Bordoni Ornaments font

Same pattern as above except on same color background and embossed

This is made from my art

I am all used up this morning. I have taken 800 mg of Ibuprofen and am heading for the couch to try to spend some time dozing. It seems like the only time I don't hurt like hell is when I am asleep.

See you tomorrow....



  1. Hi Vicki! It is me, your faithful poster pal. LOL I love the drawing of the ladies face. I barely can draw a face. I get so impatient with the eyes not coming out right. Love all your different patters. I really love the Peri-Winkle Blue colored one. The one that appears to have Snow Flakes on it. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Francine

  2. Hi Vicki, Your sketch is wonderful. I do enjoy her features.

  3. I am grateful you shared both your beautiful girl AND your new patterns. The crossing out delighted me, too!

  4. Aren't girls fun to sketch? I never thought I'd do them either, but they're addicting!!
    You did a great job and I love your patterns!
    Sorry about your shoulder/arm. Is it bursitis? I think I have that in my right arm and it's awful :( Get well soon and thanks for your visit and your kind comment!

  5. Your drawing of the girl is really nice. It's been fun to watch your drawing skills advance by leaps and bounds. Your patterns continue to be fun eye candy - keep up the good work ... er fun! I'm so sorry about all your pain. It does seem like it's time to see someone about it. Good luck, my dear. nancy

  6. I think she is LOVELY, Vicki! I always find that I am drawn to ladies' faces as have done a great job with giving her a "serene" look...

    Your patterns are great, too! Blue is my favourite colour, so I think you can guess which are my favourites...

  7. Sorry your shoulder is still hurting. I hope you find out what is wrong soon. Are you by chance, on the computer more than usual? Many people including myself, have gotten shoulder trouble by hunching over the keyboard too long without rest.

    I like your lady drawing. She's got personality even without shading. Enjoyed your backgrounds as usual.

  8. Very nice job with the patterns and drawings. I especially liked the embossed pattern. I could see using that for holiday paper, you know?

    Sorry you're in pain, and just remember to take care of you -- I think the art will always be there when you feel better :) Get well soon!

  9. Great art and patterns. I really like the girl. She is a nice change of pace for you.

  10. ?Vicki!
    So sorry about your arm. It is horrible to be in pain..Hope the nap helps.
    The patterns are great! Take a break , go to the doc, and get better. I'll be saying little prayers for you.

  11. Sure hope your shoulder/arm gets better soon. But it sure hasn't stopped you from being creative! That's good *smiles*

  12. Great work! I really love the rooster pattern as well - maybe great for fabric?

  13. These are all wonderful. I especially like the rooster and agree it would make a really pretty fabric.

  14. Yes! You made your art into a pattern. I like it.

  15. I like the rooster pattern ~ I'd like to see it closer up and maybe cropped so I can see your lovely rooster bigger and bolder!