Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AEDM-Day 10

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and was quite disappointed to find that there wasn't an instant diagnosis and "fix". I don't know why I still think that when I go to the doctor someone there is going to be able not only to tell me what is causing my problem, but find THE TREATMENT that will make it all better. Instead I was advised to up the over the counter meds to 2 Aleve twice a day and a muscle relaxant for bed time. The 2 Aleve at a time make me feel bad, but make the pain go away and the muscle relaxer let me sleep all the way through without waking up in pain in the middle of the night. However, I am hurting this morning and am putting off taking 2 Aleve until I can get some food in my stomach.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of sketches to show you. They are more practice with birds heads - I didn't put bodies on them. See what you think:

When we were at Hobby Lobby the other day, the hubster found some fabric with Sesame characters, specifically, Elmo and Abby, and made a wall hanging for the little one's room for a Christmas present. At just over 2 years old, I think it's safe to post it here. I'm pretty sure she doesn't yet read blogs.

I also found the time (it really is helpful to distract me from the pain) to make a few more patterns in Photoshop. If you aren't totally tired of these yet, here are a few more:

That's all I have to show you today. Hopefully I will get some art done later today that I can share with you tomorrow.



  1. Good Morning Vicki,
    My H is going to the Dr. this morning with a muscle pain that has been going on for 3 weeks. The reason that I am telling you this is because while waiting for an appointment, the dr sent in a perscription for muscle relaxers and told him to take 3 Advils twice a day. I'll let you know what the doc says after the appointment today. I'm sorry you feel bad..I love both your birds and especially your patterns! Hang in there!!!

  2. I like the top bird the best for his nifty beak!

    That's why I don't go to the doctor's. But I ended up with shoulder pain that lasted for a year and it's finally getting a bit better. Can't move too much but exercise is now helping but at first for probably nine months, I just couldn't do anything or the pain would be too severe. Mine didn't hurt all the time as yours is though - only when I moved it. Will they do any tests? Or just take a pill and call me in the morning?

  3. Here's hoping you feel better soon and the fix is more than a band-aid in the future.

    Love the birds and the backgrounds and for some reason, Elmo's presence brought me peace.

  4. Very nice birds, ... I like the one with the beak the best. Very nice patterns, as usual! hugs, nancy

  5. Your drawings are great. Love them.

  6. Love the art you are always doing. Get better as we have a busy Saturday!