Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UHU Glue Project

The wonderful folks over at UHU Glue have a lovely idea going over at their blog. They sent me a small clipboard and a UHU glue stick free of charge just to see what I could do with it. No, they didn't send it to me because I am such a creative person, they sent it to me because I saw a post on their blog where they offered to send it to crafter bloggers (their words not mine) to see what we could come up with.

Let me begin by saying I always feel that I am way behind others when it comes to decorating things. I see all these fabulous "frou-frou" pieces and I like them, but they just aren't my style. I tend to be the tailored kind of decorator. Perhaps it is due to being a mathematician for so long - who knows? But it is what it is. Here is my design - I hope you like it.

I had some really nice papers that I loved, but never could find just the right project for them and don't you just love the numbered gaffer's tape. You will notice I tied a ribbon at the top. That is my attempt to give it just a bit of frou (there is not enough to call it frou-frou) HA!

I had some coordinating striped paper that I used for the back.

We are serious clipboard users in this family. We have a legal paper sized one and several letter sized ones, but it never fails, someone always has the one that I consider mine. I don't think they will be able to pretend they don't know this one is mine.

If you like decorating items using UHU glue (and who doesn't) stop by their website. They may be offering other free things for you to play with.

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Hi Vicki! Your birds are looking terrific. I personally think they are one of the harder things to draw and your sketches are great!

  2. Hi Vicki! Your tutorials are really great. I loved the text on a path!! I thought you could only do that in Illustrator (and I am not good at Illustrator) but I would LOVE to learn to type text on a path! I think you said you had done a tutorial but I looked back and didn't see it. If you do have that tutorial on your blog could you send me the link??? Thanks, Vicki!!!!