Friday, March 4, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of Art

I didn't get any art done yesterday with the two girls here, but I did tutor an Algebra student and had a very nice evening with Little Miss 3 and her big sister Miss 8. I didn't get much sleep, but it was so nice to cuddle with them.

I did get my one hour plus workout in this morning. Miss 8 had a two hour delay for school, so Papa just left to take her. She and I will be doing some art work after school today. Little Miss 3 will be "arting" also.

Meanwhile, I have some pix of each of the little girls holding the baby. I think these are so cute, but they were taken with the son's cell phone camera. I need to get some better ones soon. But for now, these are just fine:

Big Sis (Miss 7) Holding Little Sis

Miss 8  Holding Zoë

Little Miss 3 Holding Zoë

Nana Holding Zoë

Little Miss 3 just came in here with a large container of Lincoln Logs and wants me to help her build a house, so I'd better go.

I hope to see you tomorrow....



  1. I love that you have a girl tribe! All 4 are just darling!! hugs, nancy

  2. Just adorable! Take them Quick! She is not going to wait! Just a doll!

  3. What a great crew! What a wealth of subject matter for your paintings, too.

  4. Another beautiful granddaughter! You must be so proud of them all. Congratulations!

  5. Beautiful photos, and the little one looks like her Nana!

  6. Lots of love in your family. The baby looks so big and healthy! Hugs to all.

  7. :) I surely miss the warmth of a multigeneration family. Beautiful kids!

  8. The girls are so adorable. Memories in the making. There's just nothing like holding a new baby, is there?

  9. What beautiful pictures - because they are filled with beautiful people! Wow. How wonderful!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love to see the expressions on all their faces holding such a beautiful little baby!