Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Back on Schedule

I'm just enjoying my first cup of coffee and am still in my jammies at the computer. I haven't gotten dressed yet because I need to get on the treadmill. I need to get back into my morning routine. I am hoping to get a bit of house cleaning done today and then get started on my next couple of books. I also need to update my online shopping site to include my newest books.

I wanted to show you the frame that I purchased at Big Lots with my colored pencil bird art matted and ready to hang.

The hubster has been working on making me another book case to match the existing one in the spare room that is becoming overflow for my art supplies and books. He also made me a small desk for under the window between the bookcases. I am quite happy with it.


The bookcase on the left is the one he made years ago when this was the daughter's room. There used to be an old desk that I bought for the hubster many moons ago that really wasn't right for this room. It will be passed on to Little Miss 7 for her room.

The magazine boxes on the top of the left hand bookcase and the three ring binders on top of the right hand bookcase have to go. I really don't like them there, but they are too tall for the shelves. I think they need to be stored in the closet instead.  The magazines are a couple of years of Photoshop and the three ring binders hold several years of digital scrapbook pages of my kids and their kids. They are definitely keepers, but don't need to live on top of the bookcases.

It is still quite cold here (I've not had my morning coffee on the screened porch yet this year), but is expected to begin to warm up next weekend. I just hope we get a month or more of 60s and 70s before summer weather arrives.

I'd better get on my horse (treadmill) and get this day started.....



  1. Nice desk! You're lucky to have a hubster that's that handy!

  2. The frame is perfect for your little bird drawings, and the bookshelves are wonderful. You're doing great, my friend! hugs, nancy

  3. Brilliant stuff Vicki - I am in a similar situation it seems: clearing lots of decks ready to start new projects. You've inspired me to stick with it :)

  4. Ahhh, it must be Spring. We all seem to be cleaning and rearranging.

  5. Ah HA! Looks as though we utilise our husbands for the same purpose. Always a pleasure to have a live-in handyman isn't it?! Your framed bird drawings are wonderful, they are going to look great up on the wall!

  6. Your birds look great in that frame! And the room is looking wonderful! I could use some extra bookcases myself!