Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taking A Risk

With apologies to Raena and Dan, I have been meaning to try to sketch them since I saw others doing so, but I could never get my courage up. I have taken the challenge and have produced a sketch of each of them. I'm sorry they are not more flattering, but I think I caught a bit of a likeness. What do you think?

I had forgotten how much I like to sketch faces, and although these aren't great, I think if I practice more, I may have to apologize less frequently.

I have been subscribed to The Retirement Chronicles for some time now. I was first attracted to it because the woman lived in the western UP and I am fond of all things UP (I was raised in St. Ignace, which is the first town you go through after you cross the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). But after I read her for awhile, I was so impressed by her photography that I would highly recommend this site to anyone who loves nature photography. On her blog yesterday, she had a close up of an ibis with bright green on his head around his eye and along part of his lower beak. I was so taken by it that I emailed her to ask if I could use it as a model for a quick colored pencil sketch. She gave me permission so here is my rendition.

This is another that I drew only with the colored pencil; I didn't sketch in pencil first. He is not perfect, but I like the look of him. I drew this on another piece of the lovely colored paper I bought at Hollo's Papercraft near Cleveland, Ohio. Boy, would I love to make another visit to that store.

I just finished my hour and a half workout and the coffee was so old and smelly by then, I haven't had a cup yet. I think I will go have some cereal with blueberries and a banana and make a fresh pot of coffee.

I hope to have more art and whatnot for you tomorrow. Thanks so much for visiting.



  1. I think you have learned how to sketch some mighty fine birds....may be your niche

  2. I like how the bird seems to be trying to peck his way out of his space...

  3. I love the effect of the green combined with the tan background. Great color choices!

  4. Hah! You blow my mind! I can't believe everyone wants to draw Raena and I - we are going to have to start selling our images! At least you used the good photo. Thank you, I am very flattered. I think you did a fine job. It's great fun sketching faces, and it is amazing, but I learn more and more as I do - something I didn't realize about the eye or the hair, or something. So thank you.

    I love ibises and you did a fine job on this bird. It has a decurved beak - it might be fun for you to back up a little and do the whole bird (or at least the whole beak) on another occasion.

  5. Teeheee... the moment I saw this and was like "YAY!!!!" And I was thinking Dan's gonna tell you that this is your most awesome post ever, and that you used his new photo and all. I like them Vicki, I think you did a fine job and definitely captured a lot of 'them' in them.

  6. I think your sketches look a lot like Dan and Raena's pics. You did it great!

  7. I think you are doing a fine job of slaying the inner critic - the sketches are great, keep them coming :)

  8. Great job on all of your drawings, Vicki! Keep them coming!

  9. Sorry to get here so late, I'm on the road at the moment. But WOW! Vicky! These are great! And I'm not just saying that because of the people in the portraits! :D Very flattering, thank you very much. And, I'm really liking your work with the colored pencils on that beautiful paper. This ibis is fantastic!