Friday, March 11, 2011

The End of the Week

It's been a very long day and not exactly what I was expecting. My Little Miss 3 was delivered to my house around 8:30 and we played and worked puzzles until I had to shower and get ready for my tax appointment, after which I was driving to Charlotte to take my sister out to lunch and shopping at second hand stores.

I arrived to my appointment about 10 minutes early only to find that I had been scheduled for 9 am, not 11 as I thought. I rescheduled for next week and then drove to my niece's house to pick up my sister. We went to Hospice thrift store where I found a couple of great old books to repurpose and a couple of "dress up" things for my little one.

This little leotard still had the tags on and the shoes looked like brand new. She loved them as you can see.

From there, we drove to Goodwill where I found a few more books, a small palette, a couple of books for Miss 8, and a coloring book for Little Miss 3. I also bought a few used CDs for $2.99 each.

From there we went to Applebees for lunch. I had a luscious Asian chicken salad while my sister opted for a cheeseburger and fries. By that time, it was already 3 pm and I knew that Miss 8 was being dropped off by the bus around 12:30 (she only had a half day today), and that Papa would like a break. So I drove home to find Little Miss 3 asleep on the couch and Miss 8 waiting anxiously for me to come home and do some art.

We sketched a bit in my art room and shared our sketches - she drew a jellyfish that was really quite good and I planned to show it to you, but she took her journal home with her. I drew a chipping sparrow as the next feathered friend in my colored pencil on dark background set. I'm not overly happy with him, but not totally unhappy either. What do you think?

I am in disbelief over the tragedy in Japan and can't stand to see all that destruction and my heart goes out to all who are affected by it or who have loved ones there. It makes me appreciate each day once more because it reminds me that we are only here for a short time and we never know what the next day will bring.

I know this is the second Friday in a row that I haven't done a blind contour, but I will try to get back into the swing of it again next week.

Don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post if you would like to be in the drawing for a hand made journal. I'm so excited about the giveaway and so many of you really liked the colorful book that I thought wasn't perfect enough, I may draw two names and give the winners a choice of the two journals.



  1. Beautiful birds you have there. One in Feathers and One all Pink Little Bird.

    Sherrie Have a great weekend.

  2. Vicki, This little guy is so full of personality. You're inspiring me to find my colored paper and have a go at it, too. You've written so beautifully and succinctly about the tragedy in Japan. My heart also goes out to all those who have suffered a loss.

  3. It sounds like you had a full day and your bird is quite charming! I'm liking this colored paper work!

    I was glued to the television all day yesterday. It truly is tragic! I'm hoping someone will start something like the ripple blog done for the oil spill, so we can all sell atcs to raise money!

  4. very nice...I really like its

  5. I'm typing this with 1 hand as I hold a beautiful, sleeping infant in my arm. The situation in Japan is beyond belief and my heart aches for them.
    Great finds as usual, and I love your drawing! XXOO Nancy