Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Books and Hitting the Books

I've finished the two books that were on my agenda for today and am pretty pleased with them. The first one is a 2 needle coptic stitch of a 1924 children's book from a series. It has 4 signatures with 10 folios in each for a total page count of 160. I really like everything about it.

I absolutely love the end papers so chose to leave them instead of covering them.

The other book is also a very old book and it is letting some of its age show. There is some discoloring (like gray hair on me). I reinforced the spine with book cloth and then stitched the signatures using a pattern of Xs. There was some weakness between the spine and the book ends that allowed a bit of ripping. Even so, the book is very sturdy and is made of 5 signatures with 7 folios in each for a total of 140 pages. The paper is 67 pound cover paper which takes markers and fountain pens without bleed through. It even takes light water media very well. The plain end papers were replaced with decorative ones.

Another favorite.

The day has gotten away from me. I was planning to get on the treadmill for my hour work out, but I have an Algebra student coming at 3 and a Trigonometry student coming at 5:30. I have a haircut appointment at 7:30. Yikes!!! Somebody slow this day down please.

Tomorrow I have Little Miss 3 for the day and Miss 8 will get off the bus here, so I'm not sure any book making will take place. We will do art of some kind I just am not sure what yet. Perhaps I'll have something to show you tomorrow.

For now, stay warm (c'mon Spring) and if you are in southern Michigan stay inside tonight. The weatherman is predicting up to an inch of ice overnight.



  1. You're living a busy and funny life! Don't stop it!
    Your books are lovely, as usual!

  2. Your journals are wonderful! I love the use of the old books! I can't seem to find any like that in my area. I guess I need to hit more thrift stores...! lol...

  3. Both books look great, it's better to be busy than have nothing to do? (most of the time that is)

  4. The books look great, Vicki! As for staying warm, I just returned home from a road trip where it was pleasant and cool. It was fabulous. But, now it is HOT and HUMID! Welcome back to Texas, eh!?