Monday, March 21, 2011

Titmouse II and More Books

I've tried the titmouse again; this time with Pan Pastels on that same dark card stock that I've been using. I actually used a bit of colored pencil also as I don't have a orangey brown color for his underwing area. I don't think this one is quite right either, but it is an improvement over the first attempt. What do you think?

I purchased a couple of ATC mats from Dick Blick this past week and they arrived this weekend. I think I am going to be really happy with this. Now I just need an 11" x 14" frame and I think I will hang them in the living room. Here is what they will look like:

I've made two more books this weekend - one of them is for the giveaway and the other will go into my inventory here. I also have a couple more started and need to do some final assembly and sewing today.

This one I am sending to a giveaway winner.

This one will be available at Faint Heart Art for $25.

I am still procrastinating about cleaning house, especially the bathrooms. I must get to them today after I do my workout routine. Then I will reward myself by making books. 

Here are the next ones in the works:

I kept the spine on this book and will either attach the signatures with an X pattern through the spine or may do a long stitch through slots on the spine.

I've been getting more covers ready and here is the selection so far

I really like the title on the bottom one: The Foolish Gentlewoman.

Well, if I am to get anything done today I'd best get it in gear. I hope all is well with you and yours and I hope to see you again tomorrow.



  1. hooray, i can open your blog no problem now :)
    he's very cute and i love the books!!

  2. First, your pastels are just lovely!!!!
    And, I think your books are so clever!!!!
    Beautifully made!!!

  3. Your bird atcs look so nice together in the atc mat. I haven't seen those before. I think I need some. :) Love your handmade journals. I've made my last few myself, and love using them. I think I'm too spoiled for store bought ones, now. You have some nifty covers! I like Orphans of the Storm.

  4. The bird drawings are lovely! The journals also look terrific. I like the way that they are bound. Very attractive!

  5. Oh, I love these. The books, the birds... the books and the birds. Pure delight.

    My CED2011 check in.

  6. Your bird paintings make a wonderful display in the ATC mat. Each one complements the others. It looks like you've got your work cut out for you with all those books lined up!

  7. I love your bird, looks very effective against the darker background. Your books are fantastic, you have a real gift.

    Sorry haven't been in touch lately, sooo busy. Am doing uni part time in addition to my full-time job, so I literally have no spare time at all. Am enjoying it though. Talk to you soon. xx

  8. The books are terrific. You've got your work cut out for you with all those covers to make into journals, but it isn't work when you love what you're doing, is it?

    The Titmouse is much improved. Way to go!

  9. Love the Titmouse, very soft. Your blog loads so quickly now... I can drop in more often!

  10. Love the titmouse. Pan pastels are wonderful. As always, I enjoy your blog.

  11. Your titmouse is wonderful. I really like the pan pastels. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  12. Re: the titmouse--he looks so real. Love the colors. Jeanne @ A.R.T.

  13. I think you're doing some great work on this colored paper! Love the pastels! And your books are making me salivate.

  14. Vicki, your Titmouse is adorable. It's eye is incredibly sweet. I like the way the pan pastels are working on the colored paper. I have only tried that once and really liked them. :-) Your book binding has me incredibly jealous. I haven't yet gotten up the courage to bind my own journals. You make it look so easy!