Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of Ducks

What a rude awakening this morning - temperature 29º, feels like 24º (that's Fahrenheit) - brrrrr!

Spent most of my day so far going through a month's worth of mail - surprisingly some of it very nice and getting my tax information in order for my appointment with my tax preparer next week. Now I just have to get the hubster's info entered.

I did try a quick sketch of the baby late last evening before I went to bed. It is not very good, but not all bad either. I need more practice.

It was such a joy to hold her. She dozed on and off while I held her and smiled a lot in her sleep. At four days old I know a lot of people think those smiles are gas, but I like to think that she was happy to finally meet me. I can't wait to get to know her better.

While I was being overwhelmed with mail and taxes this morning, the hubster called me out to the kitchen window to see three pairs of ducks in the creek. I grabbed the camera and took a few quick pix.  The pix aren't nearly as nice as the sunshine on the beach and the pelicans, but still I was happy to be welcomed home by them. And the screech owl is still in the wood duck house. Maybe when the snow melts I will be better able to sneak up and get better pix of him.

I am expecting DD to be out around 4:30 with Little Miss 3 and Miss 8. They will be spending a couple of nights with us and I cannot wait. I've been warned to expect oodles of hugs and kisses and holding and squeezing. I think I can handle it.

I hope to have something to share tomorrow, but for now I'd better get it going.....



  1. Its Real!!! She's Real They were not teasing you with a photo of Doll? Love the Sketch. So, glad you are going to be so overwhelmed with those hugs and kisses. Any Art plans set up for Ms 3 and Ms 8? You are so lucky.
    Poor cold Duckies, How do they do it. When I go to the Redrock and see them on that Cold Atlantic Water, I just wonder How?

    Beautiful photos.

  2. H!i Vicki: I added a thumbnail with the Blind Contour of your Birthday!

  3. Lovely baby! Oh the ducks look like they are having a grand time. They don't seems to mind the cold at all.

  4. You did a really nice job with the sketch of Zoe! I think babies and children are hard to draw. I'm so happy you're home! hugs, nancy

  5. What a great sketch! She's such a beautiful baby. Brrrr, the weather is cooling down here, we are in autumn now but it is still a lot warmer than your place!

  6. it's a lovely sketch :)
    i've finally got my laptop back, so i'm back in action...

  7. beautiful start of a portrait =)

  8. Excellent start to the sketch!