Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Road Again

Got up to the alarm at 6 am and headed home - on the road by about 6:40. The only really bad traffic was south of Nashville. We are spending the night in Bowling Green and then getting up early again in the morning and heading home. This is my last Pensacola Beach sun rise of this year:

We are stopping at my son's house to see the new baby and Miss 7 on the way home and then we have Little Miss 3 and Miss 8 overnight both Thursday and Friday night. Oh, I can't wait for all the hugs and kisses they've been saving for me.

It will be good to be home and I will get started on some new blank journals early next week and at that time I will post the one that will be the 50,000 visitor giveaway gift. I will have instructions for sign up for a chance to win at that time.

I am already missing the roar of the ocean right outside my window. Instead I am listening to a TV and a heater in a tiny room. We did have a wonderful dinner at Montana Grille. I had polenta encrusted river trout with steamed vegetables. It was absolutely wonderful.

And even more wonderful - I lost 5 pounds while on vacation. My sister says there is a law against that, but I am thrilled and intend to keep up my 5 day a week workout and wise eating when I get home.

I hope to have more art for you soon,


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  1. One last sunset is kind of poignant, but a wonderful souvenir of your vacation. Good for you for the weight loss - I know how hard you've been working. Can't wait to see you! hugs, nancy