Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Book and Another Bird

I've finally followed through on the design I've been carrying around in my head and in my dreams for about a week. It worked out even better than I envisioned. But it was quite difficult to sew. I am thinking of some revisions for the next one, but for now this might be my favorite to date. What do you think?

I've also tried another colored pencil bird - this time a titmouse. I am not as happy with him as I've been with the others, but from "viewing" distance he looks okay. What would you change if this was yours?

I'm afraid the gray looks too blue and the beak is a mess; I may have to do another one of these.

Well, I've heard from Dotti and she has chosen the colorful coptic stitched journal. Now I am just waiting to hear from Jeanne so I can get her snail mail addy and get hers in the mail. If I don't hear by Friday, I will choose someone else using the RNG online.

Well, I have Little Miss 3 coming around 12:30 today and her sister, Miss 8, will be getting off the bus here around 4:15. We will do some art and I will get permission from her to share some of her sketches with you. Her jellyfish is incredible.

I hope to see you tomorrow.....



  1. Hi Vicki, love the look of the new journal, very tempting, but I must fill up the first one.
    The bird has good potential, but like you say the beak is a problem, when I am drawing birds, as a rough guide I draw a line through the centre of the eye, and this gives you the gape line for the bill, more or less.Of course the angle of this line will depend on the angle the bird is holding it's head. Hope this helps.

  2. I don't think it looks to blue and his beak looks the book

  3. nice work with the book and the bird is lovely, keep up with these colors they are matching very well !!

  4. I agree with Phil about the beak, slope of head. Do you have a field guide? Take a look in one if you do, or get one from the library. There's a Nat'l Audubon Soc. coloring book that has drawings of several species of birds.

    The book/journal is really nice looking.

  5. Liking all the birds =) especially the small fat ones...... cuteness level is just too high ^^

  6. There is a grey titmouse nesting on my front porch this week.....we try not to disturb her as we go in and out. Love your bird drawings!

  7. I think it's an excellent bird! I definitely like Phil's comment since this is something I did not know and can help me in the future! The only thing I would do to this if it were mine is add just a touch more shadow underneath to give it more form. I read somewhere that white on the underside of some animals is some sort of camouflage (though I cannot recall the purpose) and can be tricky because of our tendency to think, 'white'. Sorry, I cannot recall the artist's advice on that! Beautiful book!

  8. The new journal looks as great as others. I love the way you recycle old covers for a new book. This add an extra charm to your work.
    About your birdies, they are lovely! I specially like how they shine over the dark paper. They seems to be alive! I couldn't change nothing to this one... He seems ready to fly away if I move too fast here!