Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I thought I had yesterday planned out pretty well early on, but as will happen, things didn't quite work out as imagined.

I worked out by jogging on the treadmill for 2 miles, ate a bowl of cereal and took a shower. I then took the laptop and some things I had for Miss P and Miss M and headed into town. First I stopped to take my glasses in to the place where I got them last week so they could make adjustments to them. That took longer than expected because they were busy. I've never seen more than one person there at a time in the past, but there were four people waiting. I visited with another grandmother while waiting my turn.

From there I drove to Panera for coffee and internet. I upgraded my system software and purchased MacKeeper, a multifunctional software for the Mac. I did a few sketches while waiting for the software to do its maintenance for the first time on that machine. I wanted to sketch some of the people in there working and visiting over coffee, but it seemed like every time I looked at a potential subject, they were staring right back at me as if daring me to start. I need to work on my drawing in public persona.

While I was at Panera my daughter called to ask if I could take Miss M to ballet instead of taking Miss P out during the class. She (my daughter) had worked late the night before and had to go in at six am on Monday. I told her I would pick up both girls and take care of ballet so she could have a nap. I finished up my coffee and computer work and headed for school. I fully intended to buy a cranberry nut bagel before I left Panera, but totally forgot. Just think of the calories I saved. Of course, I made up for those calories once I got home. The hubster made linguini with clam sauce for dinner. Yum! Yum!

I got to school a bit early so listened to my iPod touch and played Pinochle on it while waiting. Then I got out my sketchbook to try my hand at drawing a vehicle in the parking lot. My perspective really needs work and I am planning to work on that.

While I think you can tell what it is, it was much longer than that appears to be and the top wasn't visible at all. I added the curve to the top at the end to make it look "right" to my poor little left brain.
It is not at all what I intended, but it did get me drawing from life. By the way, the book I am reading right now is "Harley Brown's eternal truths for every artist". I borrowed it from the Peter White library in Marquette through MeL (Michigan eLibrary). I so love having the option of searching for a book by title, keyword, author, title and a slew of other options and then being able to have them ship it to my library branch for me. I feel so special!!

I am planning to get on the treadmill again today and then do a bit of clean up of the house in anticipation of the kids and the grandgirls coming over this evening for the annual decorating. I know my daughter and her girls are planning to be here for dinner and I am going to bake some refrigerator cookies and have some frosting and food coloring available so the girl tribe can do some art when the decorations are up.
It doesn't feel at all like Christmas to me yet. The time since August has been a blur and I've not had time to adjust to the fact that it is December, but I am sure the girls will get me in the mood. We will play holiday music and do lots of laughing and sharing.

I hope you are getting a chance to spend time with loved ones this holiday season and that you also make some time for yourself.



  1. Busy, busy, busy!! Good for you for drawing from life - I'm so proud of you!! hugs, nancy

  2. Well done, doing life drawing in midst of a busy day! Feel so guilty now...

  3. amazed you found time to sketch during such a busy day... kind of intimidated... need to get my drawing mojo back!!!