Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick Sketch and Miss Z

We had a lovely lunch yesterday at Olde Peninsula in Kalamazoo. We met my sister and her husband to say goodbye and wish them a safe move. I will see them again in the Spring when I make the long trek to the far north where they are moving. It was a bittersweet meeting and went by much too fast. On the way out of town I spied a really cute yellow house that appeared to be small, but had three stories. I tried to keep it in my mind's eye all the way home, but had lost some of the detail by then so I got on Google map to try to find it. I was successful finding it, but it definitely lacked the lovely color and detail that it had in person. Nevertheless, I tried to do a quick sketch. I am not all that pleased with it, but am glad that I managed to put pen to paper.

We arrived home about an hour before Miss Z was delivered to spend the evening and overnight with us. She got up this morning around 8:30, got stripped out of a very weighty wet diaper and into a nice warm bath in the kitchen sink. Then it was clean warm clothes and breakfast of cereal and a mixture of pears and blueberries. Then we played for a couple of hours and then it was time for the mid-morning bottle followed fairly quickly by a stinky diaper change and then a bit of a rock in the glider with Nana. She is now taking her morning nap. Here she is just before nap time.

I'm not absolutely if this is "angelic" or "impish". She sure is a fun baby and is standing at every opportunity. She pulls herself up to anything she can get a hold on. It won't be long before she is able to get into all the things she shouldn't. She will be here until mid afternoon when her Mom gets off work.

The hubster is at physical therapy and is taking his truck in to have the brakes looked at. They have been noisy and uncooperative the past few days and I think it is time to have someone look at them. I hear him coming home right now. 

I think I am making sausage and eggs or pancakes for breakfast this morning and suppose I should get that started as it is almost 11:00.

I hope you are having a warm and creative day.



  1. Congratulations, you needed to do that sketch as it will always be with you now. You will remember it in all its glory.
    The little one is so cute. If she is walking, then that look is defintely mischievous:)
    Have fun!

  2. what a cutie! my daughter is named zoë!

  3. The baby is adorable. And I admire your keeping the house in your head so you could draw it!

  4. She is such a doll - I can't wait to get my hands on my little guy! You did a fine job with the house, and good for you for drawing in spite of your business! hugs, nancy