Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Sketches

I have a couple more sketches from the weekend. I didn't get any art done yesterday as I spent most of the day grocery shopping and entertaining Miss P after school, including dinner at Red Lobster.

The first one is of the corner church that I pass every time I go the back way into Jackson. It is on the corner of Cooper and Zion.

The perspective to the right is not quite right, but other than that I like it.
The other sketch is from an old jewelry ad with a very young Liz Taylor as the model. She is wearing one of her pieces that is now on exhibit.

Today I am working on a sketch of a Polish woman from a remote village that Nina Camic posted on her blog. If you don't know Nina you should definitely check out her blog. She lives in Madison, WI, and is a law professor. She does a fair bit of traveling - to Asia, northern France, Spain, to do a short teaching stint to an African village, and to Poland, her homeland. Her blog is called "The Other Side of the Ocean". Most of the blogs to which I subscribe belong to artists, and Nina is an artist of sorts. She is very good at the art of narration. She tells a captive story and accompanies each one with really nice photographs. You really should go check out her blog.

I will share the sketch with you tomorrow. For now I have to get in the shower as Miss M was delivered about an hour ago and I have to take her to preschool in about 45 minutes. 

I'm getting very close to 75,000 visitors and when I get there I am planning to have some kind of giveaway - I don't know what it will be yet, but I am thinking about it. Stay tuned for more information.

 I also hope to finish up the Adirondack chairs background and get it framed for hanging. I will share that stage with you when I get there.

I hope you are making time for yourself today and that you enjoy my humble attempts at sketching.



  1. Vicki, Your sketches are really coming along! I'm amazed that you can get anything done at all with all the lovely time you have with your grandchildren.

  2. Loving the little church! Terah from CED

  3. Love the Liz! 75,000- wow! That's impressive!