Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polish Woman Update and A Lovely Christmas Card

I decided to act on the advice given yesterday about adding a bit of shading to the sketch of the Polish woman and I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like (think JD Hillberry). Well the mental image and the actual sketch have a huge gap between them and unfortunately when you use charcoal for the darkest darks (pupils, inside of mouth and nostril) you can't erase it and you'd better not accidentally touch it when you are wiping the regular pencil parts - it smears terribly.

So here she is today. Is she better in any way? Or have a ruined her completely?

I finally finished the December swap item I was working on for the Watercolour Pencil Buddies group and will put it in tomorrow's post. And speaking of post, I was thrilled to receive this year's card from Vivian Swift. It's really cute.

Since today was the first time this week I had to chance to get on the treadmill, I stayed on for an hour and jogged for 1.5 miles and then walked uphill for the remaining 1.5 miles. It was a really good workout. I am still sitting here in short shorts and a t-shirt and am beginning to chill off. I think I'd best get in the shower and put on some warmer clothes.

We've decided that we are celebrating Christmas with our immediate family on my baby's birthday (I can't believe he will be 30 on the 21st). Both my kids have that day off. I am planning shaved ham, iced shrimp, cheesy potatoes and a big salad. I think my daughter is bringing a green bean casserole. I think I can have all my ducks in a row by then. 

I hope your preparations for the holidays are going smoothly and that you are remembering to make some time for yourself.



  1. HI there, nice blog!..
    Hope you will visit mine too?

  2. She looks great, Vicki. Don't you think the shading has added more dimension? Values are hard to get, and I know what you mean about the charcoal!

  3. You are on the right track! Today the face is fuller and has more dimension than yesterday, and tomorrow she will have more.
    Now that you have worked on the eyes and nose, etc, you can go back and look at the cheeks, and the wrinkles on her forehead, around the eyes and mouth again. Building the sketch up slowly you can layer it as you go until you are happy. Each step you take becomes closer to what you are looking for and rounds her out a bit more. Her face is full of character, and she is beautiful, and worth taking time over.

  4. Well drat. The figure didn't show on my computer. I did see the card that you received. Very nice.

  5. that dinner sounds yummy, gosh you are quite an athlete you are,, I wish I coulddo that.
    The polish woman is wonderful!
    The cards are beautiful,, Happy Happy Holidays!