Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls, girls, girls

We've had a busy couple of days. We had Miss P and Miss M overnight on Friday and Miss Z and Miss K overnight on Saturday. Loads of fun, but I have a bit of a sore back today and I slept more hours than usual last night.

On Friday, I got Miss M around noon and then picked up Miss P from school at 3:30. I took the girls to the Henrietta Branch of the Jackson District Library for a Christmas party at 5. It was also the end of the silent auction and I was able to score a hand knitted neckpiece and 3 hand knitted children's hats. The girls each made two different crafts and Santa paid a visit. We had a great time.

Here they are enjoying the back yard.

On Saturday, Miss Z and Miss K arrived around 5 pm and after dinner of rice and chicken in gravy (provided by the live in epicure, Papa), we got Miss Z to bed and watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Katie. Papa provided popcorn for the event. Here is my attempt at a sketch of Katie on the couch watching the movie.

I was following Dan Kent's advice about drawing people from  the side instead of head on.

As seems to be true of all siblings, the little ones always want to be in on what the older ones are doing, especially if that includes electronics and the younger one is still a baby.

Miss K is trying to ignore Miss Z and Miss Z is hamming it up for the camera, as usual.

And finally, I have for you the best of the sketches that were produced this weekend. This is Miss K's rendition of Tigger in several positions. She got the idea from the book Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield.

I must say, I should take advantage of my relationship to Miss K and get her to teach me some of her insights for sketching realistically.

As for today, I am not going to have time for the treadmill, but will be doing plenty of running anyway. As soon as I get cleaned up I am headed for Sam's for salmon, chicken, cereal, baby food, tissues, nuts, dried cherries, wine, and water. After that I have to stop at Meijer's for the rest of the groceries. I will come home and get things put away and then am picking up Miss P after school at 3:30. She and I are going to make the rounds of the second hand stores looking for snowpants, mittens and the like for when the girls are here and want to play outdoors.

I'd better get this body moving.

I hope you are not too busy today and that you can make time for yourself.



  1. Great post today. Tiger, WOW!!!!!!!! Jan

  2. Great post today. Tiger, WOW!!!!!!!! Jan

  3. I like your drawing of Katie and thanks for the mention! Actually the angle I prefer most is the 3/4 view because it is most interesting and you still probably get the same benefit. Miss K is very talented!

  4. I simply don't know how you do it! The tigers are wonderful and I love your drawing of Katie - it's splendid!!! hugs, nancy