Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Posemaniacs Practice and A Wren

I just realized as I was getting ready for today's 90-second sketch that yesterday's journal entry was incorrectly labeled 90-minute sketch. Surely in 90 minutes, I could have given that poor girl some realistic features and some hair!!

Here is today's attempt. I probably shouldn't tell you that this is supposed to be a female dancer. I think I've made her a bit manly. Of course, the fact that she has no hair adds to that look. I need to get more flow in my sketching to elongate her figure. Perhaps tomorrow I will do a better job.

And yesterday afternoon I was thinking about the absence of sound at this time of  year with the house all closed up and I missed the song of the wren. Here is a quick sketch of a wren.

And now, today's drama (actually it was yesterday's). We called a serviceman for our oil furnace that has been acting up lately. When he arrived he informed us that there was a serious crack and that he was required by law to condemn the furnace and shut it off. I was supposed to have Zoƫ last evening, so I went to her instead of having her delivered to me. While I was gone, the hubster sat down with a salesman and today we will have a gas furnace installed. This requires getting rid of the fuel oil in the tank so the installers will remove it when empty. This also means getting a propane tank and a delivery of propane so the furnace can be installed and working by the end of the day. This also means an outlay of several thousand dollars that I fully intended to stay in our "emergency" savings fund. I do suppose this is just such an emergency.

Here's hoping all will go smoothly today and we will be warmly ensconced in our living space by the end of the day. Meanwhile I have to go to the post office and the grocery store this morning, so the hubster has moved my car so I will not be parked in when the installers arrive. I do intend to get in my hour on the treadmill at some point today, but will have to wait and see how the day unfolds.

Here's hoping life is being gentle with you today and that you are able to find time for yourself and your art.



  1. Ah! 90 seconds makes more sense. ;) Love the little wren!! (I'm a sucker for birds and cats...can't draw either.)

    This was definitely an emergency. Not the way you'd rather spend it, I'm sure, but you'll be warm. :) Happy Tuesday!

  2. I wondered about the 90 minutes. LOL. The furnace situation sounds like a definite emergency. Better to spend the money than to risk carbon monoxide poisoning. That can be lethal. Hope the transition goes smoothly.

  3. Deep breaths. I did wonder about the 90 minutes, but now it all makes sense. Today's dancer is lovely, you've really caught the line and the fluidity of movement. As far as the furnace goes, it definitely qualifies as an emergency. Thank goodness it wasn't on a holiday, so that you could get a service man out.

  4. Vicki,
    I hope you're well on your way to having your new furnace installed by now. At least it's not below zero and blizzarding out! I think you have a lovely line quality in your dancer sketch and it doesn't look at all manly.

  5. Ooooh... I love that little fat bird =)

  6. I knew right away it was a female dancer - you did a wonderful job with the proportions and the shapes. This must be the season of new furnaces! hugs, nancy