Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparing for the Holidays

We had a busy, noisy household last evening and the house is now decorated. The pictures I took didn't turn out - it seems like either the subjects were moving or could it be that the photographer wasn't absolutely still. I will take pictures of the finished decorations soon and share them. I intended to get pictures of the decorated  cookies, but they are no longer available. We sent some home with each of the kids and then the hubster polished off the few that were left here.

I do have a lovely drawing to share that was produced by Miss K and left here for Nana and Papa. I am amazed by her talent and creativity.

I've begun my holiday swap for the Watercolour Pencil Buddies group, but will not share it just yet. I will remember to take a pic this time and share it after the recipient has received it. 

Today is the anniversary of my Dad's passing in 1994 - such a long time ago already. He and my Mom were married in 1942 and brought 14 children into this world. My Mom recently celebrated her 87th birthday and is doing quite well. I lost a younger brother to cancer a couple of years ago, but the rest of us are still of this world and in various stages of the aging process.

My closest sister (both geographically and emotionally) is moving to Marquette in a little more than a week. That means that instead of being just 2 hours away she will be about 8 hours away. While I am happy that they have made this plan of theirs work, I am selfishly sad that I will no longer be able to jump in the car and go over for a short visit. To visit her in the future will take some planning and a quick weekend trip will no longer be feasible.

The hubster and I are meeting her and her husband for lunch today in Kalamazoo. I am really looking forward to seeing them one more time before they make the journey to the far north.

Miss Z is coming over this evening to spend the night and then I have both Miss Z and her sister, Miss K overnight on Saturday. I think Miss K and I are going to have to find time to do some art while she is here. Who knows I just might learn something useful from her.

I've had my two mugs of coffee and think I'd better get this day started. I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are making time for yourself.


  1. Miss K's creativity is amazing! She is so lucky to have a Nana that encourages the creative process in her. I'm so sorry your sister is moving so far away. I recently had a brother move to Idaho so I know how you feel. Sigh.

  2. I am so impressed with Miss K's drawing! It's creative, complex, and well-rendered. Amazing!! Take care of yourself today. hugs, nancy

  3. Way to go Miss K!! Jan

  4. Such a lovely sketch! Awesome job Miss K!

  5. lovely sketch by Miss K... nice that you get to do some work together...xx