Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's Sketch and Girl Tribe Art

Yesterday morning before their Mom came to take the girls home, they were very busy in the "little girls' room" while I was reading the blogs to which I subscribe. All they asked for was paper plates. There is plenty of paper and drawing supplies in the room. When they were finished they came in to share their art with me.

You gotta love paper plate mermaids!!

When I got up this morning I decided to try a 30-second pose thinking that maybe I could do that and not be tempted to erase as I have been with the 90-second poses. Ninety seconds seems like a long time, but the 30 seconds passed much too quickly. All I got done was the left side. So I went to the log of that pose and took another minute to turn it into a 90 second sketch instead. I found this pose to be much harder than the others.

I have to run into town this morning to do a bit of grocery shopping and then when I get back I will do my hour on the treadmill. While I didn't find time to jog when the furnace installers were here all day on Tuesday, I did get on the treadmill and did my hour yesterday after the girls went home. I do have a bit of house cleaning to do also. I'm pretty sure Miss K and Miss Z are spending the night with us on Saturday. I wonder if Miss K can stay awake to welcome in the new year.

I hope you are well and warm and that you will continue to share your art with me. I love looking at your blogs and seeing what you are up to.



  1. The girls' paper plate mermaids are precious! It's so good to see kids being kids, doing low-tech creative things. It's the sort of thing I did as a child. Have a great and creative New Year!

  2. Those girls of yours are so creative! And, I'm a tad envious (but only a tad), that you're being so faithful on the treadmill,not having used mine for close to 2 weeks. I'll get back to it when I'm weller (weller? well, you know what I mean! lol). hugs, nancy