Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Day and A New Perspective

Yesterday afternoon when Miss Z came to visit, I packed her up in the car and went to my daughter's house to stay with Miss M while her big sister went to dance class. It was a very good decision on my part. Miss M went through her books and movies and put the "baby" ones in a bag for me to take home for when Miss Z is visiting. It is amazing how many she had. And then we took Miss Z for a walk in the stroller. Miss M pushed the stroller nearly the whole way and really felt like a babysitter, which she says she will be able to do by herself when she is 7. To be honest, I think she will have to be a bit older than that, but for now I keep that to myself.

After dance class was over, while their Mom was fixing dinner, the big girls took Miss Z out in the back yard and played with her on the slide and the trampoline. A great time was had by all, and I must say that Miss P, at 9 years old, will soon be a really wonderful babysitter. I sent her a text to that effect shortly after I got back home and had Miss Z in bed.

I didn't last very long last evening; I think I was in bed by 10 - a very unusual occurrence for me, but I must have needed it, for I slept soundly and didn't awaken until almost 7. I have a busy day planned with yoga class at 9:30 and Miss Z until about 3. I am also working on a bit of stuff for the hubster. I printed out 5 pages of business cards yesterday that I need to cut apart. And I am doing the faces on the reindeer he is making. They are standing 3-D puzzles with legs for support, a body, then a head, and antlers on top . I should have taken photos of them, but they are out in the shop and it is dark and wet. I will show you the whole reindeer when they are assembled. For now here is what I have on the heads so far.

I now have to paint a face on the backs of them as well.

I am hoping to finish my book today and once Miss Z goes home I will finish the reindeer heads and then work a bit in my art journal. I'd also like to carve a couple of stamps and maybe start a watercolor. I hate to let too much time go by without working playing with watercolor as I don't want to regress. I still have a long way to go and Lord knows I don't want to go backward.

What about you?  Do you have some big plans for the day? Are you enjoying this Fall-ish weather? Are you finding time to play in your creative space? I am so loving seeing and hearing what others are up share.



  1. Glad you had a better day. I find that often times a bad day is followed by an especially good one. Perhaps one needs the other! Deb & I plan to attend the Mason show on Saturday afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. J

  2. Oh how cute those girls are! I love that is excited to be able to help. That says a lot about a person of any age! Can't wait to see the reindeers!

  3. Already night by the time I showed up--LOL!
    I love the eyes on your reindeer heads!
    Glad the girls were all having a good time.
    I plan to play some more tomorrow. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Glad it is a better day! I got three calls on apartments and waiting for a fourth. Of course I have no idea how I would feel about GrandChildren. I have none and none on the horizon. Want to be out of apartment by October 1. Praying I find something soon.
    Your girls or so Cute. You are so busy with them. Well, Monday thru Friday of course I report to work. Real tough commute! From my Bedroom and Kitchen to the Living Room and my Work Desk.
    Made a list of Art Drawing to do at Breaks and Lunches. Petted and cared for Ms Patches. Looked forward to the Football Game and the Green Bay Won! Have to keep my eye open on all the Teams. They will be tough to handle, but I am sure when the time comes Patriots will get the job done. I am sure the Reindeer are going to be great. Have a wonderful day.