Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School and A Bit of Art

It is the first day of school for Miss P and Miss M (Miss K started last Monday). Miss P is an old hand at school and is excited to go back. She is in 4th grade. Miss M is quite excited to go to school and is beginning kindergarten. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in her room. She went to preschool for half days last year and loved it, but she is still just 4 until the middle of this month and she is tiny. For the first half day the Moms accompany the kindergarteners and I can't wait to talk to my daughter later today to see how it went. Today is also Miss K's 9th birthday. She will be celebrating later in the month, but this date reminds me to get started on her present. I am planning to make her a mixed media painting on canvas to hang in her bedroom. I am still processing the possibilities in my head, but think the best thing to do is to just start and see how it evolves.

I am planning to spend a bit of time at the coffee shop in Mason today to do a bit of web work that is too much for my limited access here at home and then I will go to the Pilates class this evening. Meantime I will work on the value study I talked about yesterday. I was planning to try to sketch the same scene four times and then do a value study on each, but my friend Suzanne already shared her take on the assignment and I like it much better. She actually did a value study strip using four different colored pencils, which captures the assignment without all the starting and stopping and erasing to get the same sketch four times.

Meanwhile I am still playing in my art journal and have put more color on the two page spread that was begun the day before. I used a stencil, acrylic paint and a spouncer to apply some color. Here is what a spouncer is in case you aren't familiar.

And here is the two page spread.

I'm off to get this day started (Yes, I just got up. I couldn't get to sleep last evening so stayed up until 2:30 so needed all the snoozing I could get.) How about you? What do you have planned for the day? Does it include kids and school? A bus? Perhaps a bit of art? Do share.......



  1. Hope the sandman lets you sleep tonight! Fabulous journal page!

  2. I hate when I can't sleep. Hope you have better luck tonight.

    Been way too many years since I have dealt with getting kids ready for school starting. In fact, I even took my old self to college years after and that was eight years ago now. I absolutely loved school, though. Maybe that has something to do with fall being my favorite time of year. ;)

    Spouncers! What a great idea. Nice!

    Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday! :)

  3. Yesterday was my daughter's first day of school, too. It was a big one - her first day of classes at Hofstra University.

    I tried to watch some tennis, and I did watch a little, but I was thwarted by the weather in NY. Today will be a full day of men's matches as long as the weather is good!

    I really like the art journal work you've been doing, Vicki!