Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rough Start

I'm having a rough start to the day - I spent the night at my daughter's so that I could get the girls to the bus this morning. DD had to be to work by 6 am. Miss P was a piece of cake once I got her to get up, which I must admit wasn't too bad. Miss M, on the other hand, cried about 10 times from wake up to the bus, including crying as she got on the bus. I must admit it makes me crazy. It is not just early morning related. She cries whenever she doesn't get her own way and I must admit that I don't handle it well at all. I don't want to give in to her crying, but I don't want to be all cold, either. At any rate, I came away from this morning's experience feeling lousy and mean - a failure. It makes me want to cry. But, I'm going to pull on my big girl panties, wipe my eyes, and get ready for my conditioning class. Surely that will make me feel better. As for Miss M, I did put a cute little note in her lunch box. Her Mom, who I just got off the phone with, assures me that she will be fine that this new routine is just hard on her.

I did add another layer to my art journal page - as you can see it is not glued down yet, but I do like how it looks so far.


The yoga class yesterday morning was wonderful, but I have a long way to go. The chiropractic adjustment afterward was great also. And in the early afternoon, the daughter and I got our birthday shopping done. Now I just have to make the hand painted wrapping paper and get them wrapped.

I'd better get my clothes changed and get to my conditioning class so I can change my miserable feeling from the start of the day so I can become more centered and ready for creativity. Not to mention the Miss Z will be arriving this afternoon to spend two nights with us.

How about you? How do you handle situations like I faced this morning? Do you ever have such things going on? Are you going to make time to be creative today? If so, do share.....



  1. Vicki you are not alone! During the school year getting the kids off to school can be easy or hard, I never know what will come once the kids start to get up! The good thing is we always know when they get back home all is forgotten and forgiven, only to be repeated the following day!

  2. Well, Yes! I am having more than one Bad Day! I Got Evicted, after living at my present apartment, since: July 1 2004- to the present 2012. I had papers stuffed in the mailbox by the sherrif's department. No knock, no Police or Sherrif car. Just no stamp by post office just an open envelop stuffed in the mailbox.
    I have to be out by December !st. I did not want to be here anyway and have been looking My goal was to be out by Octocber I do not want to miss my deadline. I am trying to get everything to storage. Son, is not being to energetic. I hurt my knee in the basement doing laundry, slipped and hit the washing machine on the loose tiles - there is no light and has been none since February. Well, that has been a pain in my side no repairs have been done correctly. I am so put out, that I have been going through everything. and just piled it up and packing. That landlord( use any expletive you like) came up here with a realtor. The nerve of HIM --- UGH! ps. if I cried like your Cutie Pie - I got the accidental cigarette burn! I do not recommend that. Now, what always hurt was - My older sister got up crying everyday of Her life, She was cuddled and Petted. I have never known why there is such a horrible cloud over my Head, about to cry! I just want it to go away.
    I am praying for us both. I know it is hard to take crying.

  3. Ah! I remember that age with the crying and temper tantrums. We have to be the meanies to see that they follow through. We may not like the immediate hostility, but we don't want them to grow up thinking they can and should have their own way all the time. Just part of the parental territory. I hope your conditioning class helped you feel more centered and grounded. Maybe it's just harder to be the meanie when you're grandma--LOL! ;)

  4. Vicki, When I taught kindergarten, there were many times I felt like crying because I had to be mean. That wasn't my nature. I do think it's difficult for a grandparent because one doesn't ever
    hear about how you have to be mean sometimes. Kids
    learn how to manipulate at an early age. I'm glad you got your big girl panties on. FYI..sometimes you have to just give them a mean stare and that will take care of it.