Friday, September 14, 2012

Yoga, Reindeer, and Art Journal Spread

I went to my second yoga session of the week yesterday; this is my fourth class altogether. I need to find a better yoga mat because this one is very thin and I sweat so profusely that I begin to slip half way through the class. I will never be able to learn these asanas and get into position if I am sliding while trying to hold them. I am so glad that I found classes so close to home, though. I am hoping to become stronger and firmer and so far I am hooked on this exercise regimen. This morning I have my conditioning class followed by floor work.

I had a full day yesterday with Miss Z. She is becoming such a little person. She talks constantly and is always on the move. We spent quite a bit of time out of doors and even though I was lying on the hammock, she kept me busy. The hubster was out with us, so even though I was busy helping her on and off (and on and off and on and off) the hammock, he was keeping an eye on her while she was off.

After her Mom picked her up, I painted the other sides of the reindeer faces and then forgot about taking a picture of the finished reindeer until almost dark. I went out to the workshop and took a photo and then did a quick selection in Photoshop to remove it from the busy background. Isn't he so cute?

On the way back into the house, I stopped at the bottom of the deck stairs to appreciate a beautiful rose and decided to take a pic of that as well. I really must try to paint one of these.

The Tigers were rained out last night, so I spent more time in the art room than I normally would on a baseball night. I began another two page spread and have found another adage to add to all the ones I've seen online so far.  You know you are an artist wake up in the morning with gel medium stuck to the ends of you fingers. Yes, I did wash my hands many times after finishing the pages, but apparently the gel medium had already dried and I didn't scour the ends of my fingertips hard enough to remove it.

This morning I will go to my exercise class, then to the chiropractor. On the way home, I will stop at the farm and pick up my biweekly produce. After a shower I am going into Mason with the hubster to pick up some things at the mall for his show tomorrow and then perhaps lunch before grocery shopping. His brother is coming to participate in the show in Mason tomorrow. He will arrive tonight and stay until Sunday. I think that means that I have some cleaning to do. While the hubster and his brother are at the Mason Down Home Days on Saturday, I will be decorating wrapping paper and getting presents ready and making cards for my two little girls who are celebrating their birthdays this weekend.

What about you? Do you have plans for the weekend? Do they include art? Won't you share?



  1. Hi Vicki
    those reindeer r cute, good job with eyes, raining here in Ontario too, supposed to be going to rib fest on Sat
    hope rain stops, haven't been doing much painting seem to have hit a slump, but it will go away soon
    thanks for sharing your granddaughters with us, my only grandgirl is in AZ she is 14 mon, I really miss her, my 3 grandsons r in area but they r adults now , so not the same
    guess I will have to do some cleaning too, what with this rain I do enjoy your blogs thanks
    Watercolor Buddy

  2. Cute deer and love your journal pages ~ Hmm ~ this weekend ~ out to dinner with a friend after walking the beach and park with my doggie ~ Sat ~ art stuff for Sketchbook Project ~ Sat nite dinner at UU church ~ Sunday ~ hope to relax after church and a meeting ~ hoping meeting with Environmental Committee will turn out to be fun ~ usually try and do some art each day ~ however small ~ Enjoy your weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. The reindeer is really cute!! And that rose is stunning!! I would love to be able to paint it, too, and have it turn out like I envision. Never seems to happen--LOL!

    Your journal--that just cracked me up that you woke up with gel medium on your fingertips!!! I can so see that happening.

    Enjoy your weekend. I am hoping to maybe play with paint a little more or get to returning some letters I owe...but it will be a peaceful, calm weekend up here. :)

  4. Sounds like you have been really busy. Love that rose!

  5. You put me to shame! You forgot to mention thecsoupcyou planned to make today! nancy

  6. Still looking for an apartment and trying harder.. I want out of here. Drew in my book Moleskine at break and lunch! Could not breath between calls so fast a furious. People were being very spoiled to day! Your girls are all grownup compared to some people. I know packages are to arrive at certain times so why do people order perishable items and not have them delivered by the earliest time if they have addressed the package to an address where the business closes early on Friday? It never makes any sense. The packages go back to the station - but that is no good either. Shippers are suppose to know everything I guess. Oh, i hope you get a much thicker pad to yoga on and get those socks skid free and gloves too. They are for yoga. Also get a non skid pad the stuff you put in the cabinets to cover the shelves. Going to be very bad. Ordering Pineapple Ham Pizza and chicken fingers. Do not want to cook. I am drawing tonight. After looking for more apartments.
    wonderful Reindeer! Good Luck at Mason. Deers will go first should plan on more. Some snow wreaths with red berries would be the Cat's Meow!

  7. As always, I love seeing what you are doing. My weekend art includes fixing a frame that cracked, and working a bit more on the book journal I finally started. I find that the blogs have I have been drawn to are those of multimedia artists. I decided it is time to actually try my hand at it for myself.

  8. Golly, you are so busy and yes, one day it would be lovely to paint the rose:)