Tuesday, September 18, 2012

List It Tuesday and Hand Carved Stamps

Aimee over at Artsyville has a link up for List It Tuesday and today's list is to be goals. So without further ado, I will enumerate a few of mine.

1. Get the beans made for the Friday pot luck at the local branch of the library.

2. Get outdoors and walk each day.

3. Keep going to fitness class and yoga.

4. Eat less.

5. Be thankful - for my health, my family, my friends.

6. Get my art room organized.

7. Play with watercolor at least once a week.

8. Do more sketching out of doors.

I am sure there are many more things I should be working on, but as I'm just out of bed, that will have to do.

A specific thing I have to do is get some special baked beans made for the library pot luck this Friday. I need to get out the recipe and get any missing ingredients tomorrow so I can make them on Thursday. This evening I am going to my daughter's house to spend the night so I can get the girls on the bus on Wednesday morning. I am hopeful to have a more patient, less tearful experience this time. I think she should have received her modem/router so I can hook that up for her so she will finally have wireless. I gave Miss P an old MacBook to use, so once the wireless is set up I will get her computer ready for her to use.

Yesterday I spent some time in the art room playing with stamping again. I made a swan and a zebra. I rather like them both. I'm not sure why the swan printed out with polka dots - perhaps it is a fashion statement.

And then I began a two page spread using them as well as an umbrella and some grasses to start. The left hand page needs some color, but so far, so good.

Just got off the phone with my daughter; she doesn't need me overnight for the morning after all, so I guess I am going to have revamp my day. Maybe I will find time to begin a watercolor painting today. But first, I have my yoga class at 9:30 so I'd best get around a bit.

What about you? What are you up to today? Does it include time for yourself? Will you be doing some art? Do share....



  1. Your stamps are great - I like the polka dots on the swan!


    p.s. That is quite a list :)

  2. This is a great list and I LOVE your altered book! Now get going on those beans! ;)

  3. I *love* that zebra!!!

    (And how wonderful your daughter can call on you for morning duty--lucky her!!)

  4. I was just wondering what materials you are using for your stamps? What kind of cutting tools/stuff are you using?

    1. Hi Chris, I've used rubber stamps from the dollar store, but these ones are made using Safety-Kut from Nasco. I bought a classroom set of 3 x 5. You can find them here:


  5. Amazing stamps, ambitious list, and worthy goals all! hugs, nancy. C ya 2morro!

  6. Love the stamps. Bought two old books to work on. Preparing the paper now and the first book I have started on had old cord lacing in the Spine. It is about the Artifacts of the West. Interesting.
    Got in my Stine Field Parka, from Eddie Bauer, Glad I got it. Also, took a chance and got the size 12 Jeans in White. I am wearing them sitting down and feel so good. Keep walking. Do #4. My son, has just begun to believe He does not need to fear being so thin that He looks like a refugee from a Disaster Area of months and years. So glad I lost that weight and continue too! Calling on an apartment I have seen and seeing another one tomorrow at night. Well, just keep looking and getting rid of stuff and moving to storage,

  7. I love your carved stamps!!! They add such fun to your altered book spread!

  8. love your zebra! Have fun at the potluck on Friday - good to plan ahead {:-Deb

  9. Your stamps are brilliant. I love it when artists make their own tools.

  10. Great stamps! The swan's polka dots might be from some tiny bits of rubber on the face of the stamp. They often need a really good cleaning right after they're carved. Not that the polka dots are a bad thing!

  11. Those stamps are amazing. I've tried making stamps but they never turn out. Inspiring! I like the swan with the polka dots!