Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Hand Carved Stamps and Art Journal Pages

Yesterday after my yoga class, I came home and ate brunch before embarking on a stamp carving frenzy. First I carved some birds silhouettes on a branch and then I carved a frog.

Apparently the first "e" of silhouette didn't register when I punched the key on the Dymo labeler and I didn't notice it until I resized the photo in Photoshop. Guess I'll need another layer here.

I also spent a bit of time in the swing having coffee with the hubster on this very Fall-like day. The temperature was quite pleasant, but it felt like it might rain on and off all day. Then I returned to the art room to begin the next two page spread. I had an old 3rd grade piano music book that I decided to raid and I just happened to find the music for "Mr. Frog Went Courtin'" and it seemed like the perfect first layer. I attached it with gel medium and then put a layer of white gesso over it which I rubbed and pounced with a paper towel to let some of the music show through. I then used some of my hand made stamps to begin the rest of the layering.

This is a work in progress. It needs more layers and a punch of color.

I am headed for my daughter's house this morning as she has to be to work at 7:30 and the girls catch the bus at 8:15. From there I will come home and get ready for my conditioning class. I am planning to try the personal training class this afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30 so Jena will not be bringing Zoƫ until after dinner. I will have her overnight and then again on Friday and Saturday nights. It will be quite busy, but a great time for sure.

I'm thinking that between my morning workout and my afternoon session I should be able to get some art time in my room and I will share with you tomorrow whatever it is that I am able to do. I need to make time for watercolor, too. I must remember that it is just play, too, even if it is much more difficult for me than art journaling and stamp carving.

Last evening I made up a meal using a recipe in a Cooking Light magazine as a model. I combined chicken thighs cut into bite sized pieces with a bit of chorizo and browned them in a bit of olive oil. I then added diced onion, cut up fresh tomatoes, and navy beans. I let this come to a boil and then simmered it for about 20 minutes. There was plenty of flavor in this so I just added a touch of salt and a bit of pepper. I served it over a bit of rice. Yummy!

I have some chorizo left over and you know how much I like making soup with it, so between getting the girls on the bus and my morning workout I will have to run into the grocery to pick up a few odds and ends so I will be prepared when I have the time to put it together.

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Does it include some time for creativity? If so, are you willing to share?



  1. beautiful stamps, they adorn your pages beautifully.That soup sounds very yummy indeed, I'm making minestrone soup today, first getting my girls a sqeeze, lol, mammogram day!!!

  2. Your carved stamps and book pages are very creative and wonderful ~ in between your 'caring for others' ~ busy schedule ~ yummy recipes although I don't eat meat ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Me ~ Today? ~ catching up on blog commenting, going to Drs to check on this 'stuffy head and nasal passages' ~ walk little doggie ~ then out to dinner with friends ~ ^_^

  3. What a full day. I love the stamps you carved! You are getting quite good at those and are tempting me to add supplies for carving to my wish list. ;)

    I did play today! far. :):)