Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Time and A New Toy

Just after I posted yesterday and before I had to get ready for my conditioning class, my daughter called to see if I wanted to go walking with her. Of course, I made a change of plan. To walk with her out of doors or work out inside without her - no big decision to make here. We walked for about an hour and then I took her out to breakfast after which we went to K-Mart to get some bins for organization in her play room where the hubster had put up a couple of shelves. We found two very large and one medium colored plastic bins for a good price and I found a toy I've wanted for a long time.

Now it just so happens that K-Mart was working in conjunction with the local newspaper to get people to sign up for a 2 month subscription for which they were given a $20 gift card. I used to really enjoy getting the newspaper delivered except it had gotten to the point where it either would show up hours late or not at all. So I signed up to try the newspaper again and bought my little toy with the gift card.

I found it difficult to remove the backing to expose the sticky part and if you look in the photo below you will see that it doesn't stick very well to a very lightly textured background. I am going to have to use gel medium to make sure it stays secure.

After I dropped DD back at her house and came home, I just had a little bit of time to add a bit of color to the two page spread I was working and try out the new labeler before getting around to have coffee with the hubster in the swings in the backyard and head out to pick up Miss P from school. I parked at a Polly's nearby and walked through the apartment complex to her school because parking and getting out of the parking lot at her school is such an ordeal. We had a nice walk to the car and then I drove to Altered Art Addict to let her pick out some decorative papers and maybe some stickers. Unfortunately I didn't check about their hours - they are closed on Mondays - bummer! But we quickly regrouped and went to Michael's instead.

Afterward we went to Red Lobster for the endless shrimp deal - we shared one. We chose breaded shrimp and coconut shrimp. It was absolutely yummy!! But I don't think it is on my invisible list of things that are good for you to eat and stay trim. But, alas, I can't be good all the time.

We then went back to her house. Her Mom and Miss M were still at Miss M's dance class, so Miss P and I spent a bit of time in the play room filling one of the bins with Barbie stuff and doing a general clean up. Then I downloaded ios 6 onto my iPad while we played Rack-O. Do you remember that game? Payton and I love playing it. I got a bit of quick hugs and kisses when Miss M got home and then I came back home. I was just in time to catch the early part of the Tiger's game.

Today I am planning to go to the yoga class (I am going to take responsibility not to do more than I am capable of this time), after which I have a chiropractic appointment and then I am coming home to do some art. My plan is to carve a new stamp or two, start a watercolor, and work in my art journal. I don't think I have any commitments today that will prevent me from playing in my art room for most of the day. Of course, the house could use a bit of cleaning.....

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Are you staying busy? Doing art? Do share.....



  1. Sounds like a delightful day for all ~ fun ~ and you got a new toy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Off to the eye doctors today and yoga this evening ~ not sure artmusedog and I will get in a walk today ~ will work on the SketchBook Project journal which is almost complete ~ then work on blog post tonight ~ trying to cut down days I post ~

  2. Vicki, I am worn out just reading all you do! I just finished my 55 mins of ExerBeat on the Wii, and am off to do a couple of loads of washing. I don't know whether I will get in any art today, but I know I will get in some knitting - working on sweater #2 of 4 for Christmas presents...

  3. What a great score! I hope yoga went ok for you today. See ya tomorrow? hugs, nancy

  4. Nice label maker! Too bad Altered Art Addict was closed. I love going to the little local shops rather than the big places. Maybe another time, but it sounds like a nice morning all around.

    Hope you got a lot of playtime in. I have been cleaning and organizing...and I finally FINISHED!! So soon I can get back to playing, like you! ;)

  5. Love the label maker! I saw one at a yard sale last weekend but just couldn't really make an argument for it beyond - "I want it!"

    I really like what you've been doing in your altered book lately.