Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Full Day of School and Life Drawing

I got my camera back from my daughter today after life drawing class, so have a couple of cute pix to share from yesterday.

First school bus ride of the kindergarten year.

Miss M (kindergartner) and Miss P (4th grader) waiting for the bus.

I did go to the yoga class yesterday evening even though I'd pretty much talked myself out of it and am so glad that I did. Then I came home and watched a good Tigers' game and some spectacular tennis before calling it a night.

This morning my friend, Nancy, came over around 9 and we went to life drawing class. It's been some time since we've been and I think it shows. I will share them even though I don't think they are very good.

What are you up to today? Does it involve the creative process? Will you share?

The hubster and I are going to Mason for a bit and he is ready to go, so I will sign off for now.



  1. Your kids are so cute!

    I'm new to life drawing and loving it... I have a tendency to just leave the faces blank slates though LOL

  2. The kids look so cute and ready for the first day! :)

    I am so shy I couldn't even attend a life drawing class--LOL! More power to ya! ;)

  3. Cute kidlets, that's for sure! You did a great job with the life drawings especially considering the model kept moving! hugs, nancy