Friday, September 21, 2012

More Carving Fun

Another busy day yesterday. I didn't go to yoga class, but that doesn't mean I sat still. The hubster and I spent the day measuring, shopping, selecting, and cutting to size. And when I say the hubster and I, I mean the hubster. We installed a couple of wall length shelves in the play room of my daughter's house while she was at work. We also brought home the crib that has been stored in that little room that really hardly has room for all the toys and dress up clothes of the girls. She is thrilled with it and we feel good about it. I've told her I will help her to get bins and organize things so the girls can really enjoy playing in there instead of hauling all the stuff out into the main area of the house each time. And we think that if we have a system with a bin for like things, clean up will be a breeze.

After we got home - I can't believe we spent most of the day on this project - it was time to make my beans for today's pot luck and make dinner. We listened to a disappointing Tiger game during the time spent in the truck and then finally gave up on it in the top of the ninth when things came totally apart. I am not usually a fair weather Tiger fan, but the reception in this part of the world is noisy and poor to say the least, so it wasn't difficult to turn it off.

I've been wanting to try to carve a face stamp and so following the tutorial provided by Beth that I mentioned yesterday, I began. I don't think I did a very good job of adjusting the photos in Photoshop before using the posterize filter, but I am not totally unhappy with the result and can't wait to do more carving today. I carved the left hand one first, but messed up both the eye and the mouth. Next I tried the right hand one - that is Miss P, not Amelia Earhart - for some reason the glasses on her head remind me of the aviator. Finally, I used a self portrait sketch from a long time ago to carve the one in the center.

And then I had to start stamping with them. I don't think this spread is done yet, but I cannot tell where it is going yet.

I think I mentioned some time ago that I'd ordered a new camera that I'd seen on another blog and that it was on back order. I recently received the most unusual email from Amazon telling me that they now had delivery dates for me.

We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on August 25, 2012:

  "Olympus SP-810 UZ Digital Camera V103020BU000"
   Estimated arrival date: October 19, 2012 - January 14, 2013

I really don't get this - how can you tell me that you have delivery dates for me and then give me a three month spread as that estimated arrival???? Does this make any sense to you?

I am planning to go to my conditioning class this morning and then have a chiropractic appointment afterward. Miss Z is due to arrive this afternoon for an overnight or two, and I have the potluck this evening. I wonder if I will get time to do a bit of carving....

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Does it include playing? art? Do share...



  1. I think the face carving are done well ~ it must be rather hard to do ~ Good for you ~ You are one busy woman ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Worked on putting together the sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project out of the Brooklyn NY Library ~ did some haiku ~ walked me and ArtMuse Dog ~ going to a poet and writer's group tonight ~ oh forgot ~ or repressed ~ I went to dentist ~ yuk! ~ All part of taking care of me ~ Another poetry reading tomorrow ~ friend is doing the reading ~ hopefully relaxing tomorrow night with a DVD ~ Have a great weekend ~

  2. Faces are difficult but your journaling and carving keeps goiing always even better!

  3. Just fantastic Vicky. You are so clever with your carving techniques.

  4. These look good to me. I've tried carving faces. Very hard. I especially like the one with the glasses, but they all look good stamped off on your page. You're making me want to get out my carving stuff! :)

  5. Love your face stamps. I too have taken to stamping and what a delight it is to play with them.

  6. The stamps are really cool. I am impressed that you did faces. Wild about your Amazon order - I have never seen that kind of spread either and hope I never do!

  7. Wow! Those faces are amazing! Glad to hear about your new camera ... Just something fun to look forward to! See you soon ... Like tomorrow? hugs, nancy