Monday, September 21, 2009

Clay Play and Photoshop

I had some fun on Friday playing with clay and trying out some stamps and shapes and cooking times. I am not altogether happy with how they turned out, but it was a great experience and I am definitely going to make some more. I am thinking that they would be great additions to mixed media pieces. When I decide what I am actually going to do with them I will share.

The weekend was busy, but fun. The birthday party for little miss 2 year old was big fun and she was so happy with all the Sesame Street related gifts and the lovely shopping cart. Late that evening the whole family including uncle Mike came out for a wienie roast. The birthday girl fell asleep in my arms watching Sesame Street around 9:30 and my son and his daughter spent the night.

Yesterday I worked again to better organize my art room. It is slowly evolving into a well organized workshop, but then I made the mistake of scanning a few things and Photoshop reached out and grabbed me. I made more background papers and can't wait to share them with you. Feel free to use these, but remember you can make your own (way more fun!) by following the tutorial on custom patterns a few posts back.





Sorry, as usual I got carried away. I could have stayed up all night playing with this. But my art friend, Nancy, is coming over this morning and we are going to Eaton Rapids and Charlotte browsing second hand stores, so I thought I'd better get a good night's sleep.

On a totally different subject, I have canceled the Verizon MiFi because after trying it for 5 days, I couldn't even get more than one bar and couldn't get the laptop connected to the network because of the weak signal. So I have reconnected the HughesNet modem and the Linksys router (what a big job that was) and this is the way it will be until either things become available out here in the Dead Zone (read boonies) or we move to a small community where I can not only get hi speed internet, but have sidewalks, city water and sewer, be able to walk to most of the places I want to go. Ah, but for now, it is what it is.

Well, the coffee is made, but I haven't had any yet and I'd better go get some and then get in the shower and get ready to start my day.



  1. I'll be seeing the clay very soon ..... love the papers! hugs, nancy

  2. Good Morning Vickie!
    Thanks for sharing all your efforts with the rest of us. Glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family it makes for a wonderful week. Computers are created to keep us on our toes or aggrevated out of our minds! I have a son that comes and bails me out most of the time when I have a problem. What a gift! I hope you have a just super day
    Love and Laughter,

  3. Vicki... your clay pieces are really nice and what a great idea to add them to your altered art...

    Thanks for the tut on making background papers!


  4. Vicki,

    Thank you so much for your generosity! I love your background pages from photoshop!

    Linda from Latest Trends

  5. O my goodness, I just love the patterns!!! So fantastic!