Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post Cards and More Kaleidoscopes

I finished the post cards I have been making to send to the next four addresses I have received from PostCrossing and will be sending them out this morning. I am so enjoying sending and receiving little notes from all over the world. It makes me realize how small the world is and how much alike we all are. Why can't we just get along!!!!

I'll bet no one who reads this blog regularly is surprised the theme is birds. #-)
Here is a picture of the postcards I have received. They have come from Finland, Great Britain, France, Czechoslovakia, Denmark and Chicago.

Meanwhile, I am still playing with Photoshop to make kaleidoscopes. Many people have commented that there is software available that makes kaleidoscopes, but I so like the process that I want to make them myself. Hope you enjoy these two made from the same picture.

My goal today is to get out the clay and try my hand at making pendants using stamps and Jewelz. I will share my results with you tomorrow.
See you then.......


  1. Love your postcards and your kaleidoscopes! There's something soothing about the 'scopes. The cards are very cute! hugs, nancy

  2. I especially like the second kaleidoscope of this pair. I tried it a bit and was pleased with my first one, but the second time I had more trouble lining up the edges of the triangles, even though I zoom in a whole lot.... It took a LONG time, too. I gave up on that one.