Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iron River

We arrived yesterday around 3 PM (CST) and immediately hooked up with my sister, Anne, and her husband, Tom. They are the parents of the groom. We visited for awhile and then headed out to the rehearsal, while the hubster took a nap and shower.

Mom arrived just before we got back from rehearsal and was tucked in for a nap and then planned to watch the Tiger game.

After rehearsal we headed for Bewabic State Park for a cookout and get together. The young men in the party were playing corn hole. Apparently this is a big favorite up here. They had four or five sets going at once. The hubster makes these boards and has sold a set at home. I think he should bring them up here and sell them all. Had a lovely meal and visit with my family who had made the trip and Lindsay's family who are new to us.

I took lots of pix on the way up mostly through the windshield. Surprisingly, they turned out pretty well. Here are a couple of the color somewhere between Iron Mountain and Iron River.


I got up early this morning and went down to the breakfast area to find Mom, Mike and Jane deciding to go out for breakfast because they wanted eggs. I was invited along. We found a small restaurant, Main Street Cafe, with a great breakfast. I had a two egg omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach. It was delicious! Jane treated which made it all the better.

Came back here to the motel and pressed the hubster's shirt and my pants and decided to post here before heading out for a walk.

Mike and Lindsay are being married at 1:00 pm today and then will have a reception around 4. I have to be at the church at 12:15 because besides giving a reading, Lindsay's aunt Dolly and I are handing out the programs.

This is a mini family reunion besides a family wedding. My Mom, my sister Pat, Pat's daughter Cindy and her three boys, Anne & Tom (parents of the groom), their daughter Lisa, my brother Mike, my sister Jane, my sister Molly and her husband Bud are expected to arrive sometime this morning and are staying the night. Last night we were all up in Mom's room and it was pretty noisy, but lots of fun.

We are planning to head back tomorrow morning and stop somewhere along the way to spend the night. Neither of us wants to make the 9 - 10 hours trip in one day.

I will have a Photoshop tutorial to share some time later in the week once I am home on my desktop. For now, hope you are having a great weekend.



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