Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going on an Adventure

I am leaving in a couple of hours for the far western UP. Having been raised in the UP, I can't believe I've never made it to this part of Michigan. I am thinking this is the perfect time of year to visit because the color should be just beautiful.

I won't be doing any art, but I will be taking lots of pictures, meeting new people, participating in a wedding of my dear nephew, Mike, and more than likely having a great time. I am expecting to see my Mom, my brother Mike, my sister Molly, my sister Pat, my sister Jane, and my sister Anne (the mother of the groom).

The place we are staying has high speed internet access and I am taking my card reader as well as my Canon Digital Rebel with 2 fully charged batteries, so I will surely have some breathtaking photos to share.

I will resume my Photoshop play when I return and will post a tutorial for the film strip as requested.

I am thinking of doing a Photoshop tutorial each Friday - maybe I could call it Photoshop Phriday, unless this is taken already. I just did a quick search and it looks like more than a few sites are using that phrase, so I think I can use it, too.

I have not begun to pack and expect to leave in a couple of hours, so I'd better get this body in gear.

See you later!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip, my friend, and I hope you see some cows! LOL hugs, nancy