Monday, September 7, 2009


One of the Yahoo! groups that I belong to have been working on digital art and I read a conversation about making kaleidoscopes and I had to do one. Several years ago, I was so enamored with these shapes that just about every picture I took, I turned into one of them. I was afraid I had forgotten how to do it, but after messing around for a little bit about an hour it came back to me.

I begin by selecting a 22.5ยบ right triangle and then copying it and rotating it 15 times to come up with a complete kaleidoscope. In the one below I chose my original triangle from the picture of the bird I posted in my last post. I am loving the patterns in it.

I also tried one using a picture of bluebells along a white fence and this is the result:
These become very addictive and the wonderful thing is that you can make a dozen from the same picture and none of them look the same. As a matter of fact, depending on the beginning triangle, it is really hard to believe they came from the same picture.

I sure hope you like them because I am feeling the itch to try a few more. I am especially interested in trying another from my bird drawing to show you how different they can look.

For now, I'd better go get my first cup of coffee and get to work.

See you tomorrow......


  1. These kaleidoscopes are beautiful ! I love that you took your own original pieces and eended up with these through your play.
    Cheers !

  2. I think these turned out great! Creative and unique.

  3. Those are great. I have to find that filter again. I had it on my desktop system and loved playing with it. I need to download it onto my laptop.

  4. Lisa,

    What filter?

    These are done in Photoshop by selecting, rotating, duplicating and aligning.


  5. Great work Vicki I love the look of these

  6. This is wonderful, you clever chick! hugs, nancy

  7. These are lovely!
    I've never tried photoshop. How difficult to start?

  8. I just tried this website - various ways to alter photos and then save them. Pix must be 2MB or smaller.


  9. They are just beautiful ... ! :D

  10. You did an amazing job of creating a true kaleidoscope with terrific results. Happy to see you played with your software, keep it up! :-D

  11. Kaleidoscopes and mandalas are fun to make. I had fun scanning a nautilus shell and turning it into a fun mandala.