Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall MIABA at Scrapbooking 101 in Muskegon

It was a dark and stormy morning It was very dark when I began my drive to Tina's to meet up with Tina, Puff, Teri, and Linda for the drive to Muskegon. It took about 45 minutes to get to Marshall and the meet up. At least one of the women professed that she was not a morning person, but I didn't hear even one growl (except for Tina's caged canine).

What fun to ride for a couple of hours with interesting, creative women. The time went by quickly and before I knew it we were getting off at Exit 4. We made a left to the light at Airline and made a right. The store was a couple of miles down on the left. And what a store! Bright, large, and beautiful and already alive with many members of MIABA meeting and greeting.

You knew the montage would be in this shape, didn't you? 

One of the first things we did was attack the Graphic 45 double sided scrapbooking paper. And to think that Robert, the owner, was giving us a 25% discount didn't hurt our all out assault either. The store had a lovely assortment of papers, stickers, acrylic stamps, Copic markers, Tim Holtz products, ..... I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that there were walls and walls and displays and displays to make your heart go pit a pat. And there were a couple of young women helping all of us. They were very helpful and friendly. What a great store!

There were four projects to do: metal transfers, bag book, chipboard book and an altered puzzle. There were so many of us that it took all day, but oh, we had fun. Each of the presenters were patient and fun and their instructions were easy to follow and each of us had the opportunity not only to learn four new processes, but we had a partly or completely finished art project when we left. I haven't finished my projects yet, but when I do I will be happy to share them here. Before I got caught up in the fun, I went to the project tables and took pictures of the sample projects. Sorry, but I didn't get one of the metal transfers.

Three of the four projects.

The ephemera table was overflowing with goodies, the "kitchen" was overflowing with food, the "show and tell" table was full of out of this world creative goodness and the place was humming like an active beehive.

I want to know how to make each one of these.

After we left there around 6 pm, we stopped at Burger King for cold drinks (they were out of the boy molds we all wanted), then stopped at Hobby Lobby (surely you aren't surprised), Michael's (surprise!), and then made our way back to Tina's car at a park and ride in Kazoo. Linda was a great driver and had lots of room for all of us.

We got back to Tina's around 10:30 and I thanked them all and quickly made my way home. I don't like driving in the dark any more and didn't get home until 11:20, Wow, what a full day!

I was pooped - but in a good way. The hubster asked me the next morning if I would have gone if I knew all it entailed and how long the day would be. I said, "Ah, let me think about it,  DUH". Can't wait for next year. Sure hope we meet at Scrapbooking 101 in Muskegon again. We were treated like VIPs.

Don't forget to go to the previous post to register for the giveaway. I am currently at my 9, 690th visitor and expect to hit the 10,000 mark some time on Thursday or Friday. Once it happens, I will be selecting a random to determine the winner. From all the comments I got regarding the Photoshop tutorial on making kaleidoscopes, I expected most of the commenters to say that they would want the Photoshop book if they won. Most of the visitors so far have expressed a desire for the book about making handmade books.

I have many times read about people being frustrated with Blogger and not being able to get pix to upload, no spell checker in the new setting, etc., but this is the first time I have experienced this. I have to go to Edit HTML in order to get it to space like I want and it took 3 times as long to post today because my picture uploads failed over and over.




  1. wow!! vicki! what wonderful projects!!! my gosh ... i love them all :)) you are having lots of fun aren't you ... going all over to learn new stuff... i am envious now :P

  2. Yes it was a great day and glad you could come. It is this fun every time which is why we keep doing it

  3. Well done Vicki! Yes, we all had a wonderful time and everything was great. It was a good day for sharing. Yep, I was tired on the way back to Tina's. This old gray mare just ain't what she used to be! Teri

  4. Okay I'll say it again you are one very talented lady. I love the colors, detail, and design elements that you use. I'm envious as can be. Please continue to share your beautiful work with us as it gives me lots of ideas. Darlene