Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Digital Collage

I made the mistake of working too much online and HughesNet cut me off. When that happens, my connection is less than dialup, so I had time to play a bit with Photoshop. Tomorrow I am supposed to receive my MyFi USB card from Verizon and am hoping I will get a better speed. I will definitely get a better price.

I haven't made a digital collage in a long time and really had fun with this one. I began with the pictures below:

I shot this this morning in the yard.

 I also shot this one this morning in the yard.

 I scanned this one. It is by Graphic 45.

This is a stamp I used at Scrapbook 101 yesterday.

I sharpened and increased the saturation of the first poppy picture. I cut out (selected) the second poppy and added it on its own layer. I made a custom brush out of the music sheet and put it on a separate layer so that I could adjust the opacity. And lastly I selected the circular stamp and added it on its own layer and adjusted its opacity. I'm not sure I was done, but as often happens when I have had Photoshop open all day, I got an error message and it refused to save it for me. I used the Grab utility to take a picture of it, but I lost all my layers. Here is the flattened collage.

I hope you like it. I stayed up into the wee hours because HughesNet treats 2 AM to 7 AM as free time so I have a bit of speed back. 

I am so hooked on Photoshop and there is so much I want to do. I am thinking I may start making some kind of hybrid art with digital elements and then some physical layers as well. We'll see.....
Bye for now!


  1. I LOVE poppies and think what you have created with your different elements is fabulous.
    I still have to play with photoshop and so wish I had the time - but keep up the good work this is wonderful x

  2. I love the layering of the different elements. I've been doing a few Photoshop collages lately, too. We just started a digital group at our ning group. If you think you might be interested in joining, take a look. xo-teri (from art techniques)

  3. Love how you showed the different elements, explained what you did and then showed the results. You sure make it sound simple!

    Great work!

  4. Vickie..Loved your Poppies! Don't you just love "brushes"? I just barely learned how to do brushes in a course that I took from Gail Schmidt this year and can't get enough of using them.
    Love and Laughter,

  5. I love it Vicki! I would buy that paper! It's a very cool combo of each of those elements together. Great work!

    ~Nina in San Diego~

  6. Vicki, i thought digital art was a cop out, but you have changed my mind.
    i just may have to get photo shop and try it

  7. This digital collage is fabulous! Great job of combining elements.

  8. Well done! This is beautiful work. It's true, it would make a beautiful background paper as well.
    For all us Photoshop maniacs out there, is there a Photoshop Anonymous? It's amazing how it can just eat up hours.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . Vicki . . . I LOVE what you did with this digitally altered photo . . . you are really good at this!!!!

  10. Indeed you are good at it, my dear, and you do make it look and sound easy ..... but I know better! hugs, nancy