Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digital Drawing

I know I said I would have pix of the wedding today, but when the hubster unplugged the laptop while packing to leave Iron River, a removable portion stayed in the outlet. Neither of us realized that this could happen. I discovered it Sunday evening while staying in Mackinaw City and using their WiFi, so called the Americinn in Iron River to confirm that they found it and then called Lindsay (Mrs. Mike Demske), the new bride. She said she would pick it up on Monday morning and overnight it to me. Such a nice girl! For now I have very little battery power and am going to leave it until I have the power adapter.

This morning I spent time trying to draw using the Wacom tablet and pen. What fun! The hardest part was remembering to label each layer. I have separate layers for jawline, lips, nose, nose shading, eyeshadow, eyeballs, eye lights, get the picture.

Here she is:

I know that she is not perfect, but for my first attempt I am pretty pleased.

I'd appreciate comments/suggestions.

Gotta go make breakfast. The daughter is coming out in a couple of hours with the 2 year old. I am going to keep the baby for a couple of hours while D gets her hair done.

I've unpacked, but still have to do laundry. And sometime today I need to get to a store. We need fresh fruit badly.

See you later!


  1. Vickie
    This is just great!
    I have been wondering whether or not there is a pen so I will be very curious to your postings and will look forward to seeing your progress!
    What a gal!!!

  2. I am sooo impressed, my dear. I can't believe you did this with your computer. It's truly amazing to me. It's a wonderful drawing! hugs, nancy

  3. It looks great Vicki, I have no idea how it's done because I don't have a tablet. But I love the fine hair and they eyes/pupils are awesome!

  4. The face is awesome. I have the wacom tablet and have not used it yet!! Keep up the good work.

  5. Well Vicki you have inspired me to lug mine out and try to actually use it. I keep relying on my computer touchpad because it's familiar, but I know there are times when using the tablet would be much more effective. I doubt I'll ever draw a face with it, but I KNOW I should be using it more.

  6. she looks good to me...what do you mean shes not perfect....are any of us? rs in bs

  7. It's wonderful, Vicki. Wish I could do this well!!

  8. i only played with a wacom for an hour or two a year ago but as i remember it was pretty hard to get used to how to handle the pen to get exactly what you wanted. i think this is fantastic for a first try.

  9. she looks great, vicki! what a fun new tool to play with!

  10. Gee, Vicki! I couldn't do this! This is WONDERFUL!!!

  11. This is gr8.her hair n eyes looks so real..nice:)