Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the USA

We got up early on Wednesday and walked down to the Falls again. The day time pix were even nicer than the ones from the evening before.

We had a lovely drive taking back roads most of the time (I suppose to be fair I shouldn't call them back roads. They are secondary roads). The roads were in very good shape and the traffic was ideal. We ran into our first real construction zone about 15 miles from our destination, Old Forge. We lucked out as to our timing; the road was down to one lane and we arrived just in time to make it into the active one. The car behind us was the last one going our way. When we arrived at the other end about 10 minutes later there was a very long line waiting.

The Adirondack mountain area is almost devoid of leaves. There is color here and there, but for the most part we are a bit late. The woman at the desk at The Forge Motel said they'd had a very heavy rain a few days before that took most of the leaves off the trees. 

When we first arrived on the American side via the Rainbow Bridge, we stopped at the Whirlpool Park where I got this picture. There appears to be a gondola that you can ride across the chasm separating Canada from the US.

I took pictures out the car windows along the way when the hubster was driving. I didn't take any while I was driving (grin). Surprisingly some of them turned out quite well. Here is one of a barn that I rather like.
Today we are driving to Lake George. It is cloudy, but sunny and we are hopeful of a lovely drive. I will try to get some pix today to share.

Gotta go. I am posting this from the lodge (the only place at the Forge Motel where I can get access) and it is really hot in here. I am dressed in flannel pajama pants and a heavy sweatshirt (my outdoor wear).

I did a sketch last evening in the room of an artificial flower arrangement. I haven't taken a picture of my sketch yet, but may be able to share it tomorrow.



  1. Ooh, the Falls pic is spectacular! The Whirlpool Park picture has lots more color than I expected after reading your post. And, how surprising that you can get such a clear picture from a moving car....but then, I forgot - it's the Master of the Camera who took it! hugs, nancy

  2. What a fantastic trip - the falls are amazing - thanks for sharing that photo!

  3. Really enjoy traveling with you.