Thursday, October 21, 2010

This and That Thursday

This is the view out my bathroom window when I got up this morning. You've gotta love the sun this time of year.

I just checked my email and I must say, dear readers, I really appreciate the time you take to read my blog and am appreciative of the comments you leave. You make my day!

I went to my watercolor class last evening and have added another couple of layers to the gazania painting. I am not happy with the bottom portion yet, but am planning to work on that a bit more. I also think I will add another layer to the background. I'd like it to be a bit darker and I'd like to glaze over the secondary parts of flowers to send them a bit to the background. What do you think? Would you do what I have in mind? Would you do something different? Would you do more than I am planning? Would you turn it over and start a new painting on the back?

Here is the WIP as it looks today:

The mats are digital. The painting is still taped to a board.

It looks like I have traded/sold the Copic markers and the Spellbinder Wizard, but I still have the Zutter Bind-It-All (although I have had an inquiry). If these deals do not come to fruition, I will repost to let you know.

I'm thinking that my 40,000 visitor giveaway will be on Monday. Right now,  I am leaning toward the giveaway being a Priority Shipping box full of stamps (not the mailing kind, the stamping kind), some mounted on wood and some unmounted. Do you think that would be a good giveaway? Be sure to check back when I make a decision of what the giveaway will be and how to sign up for a chance.

I hope you enjoyed the links to the artists that I posted about yesterday. I will be periodically providing others for you to look at. I am amazed at the number of artists out there and the wonderful talent and diversity besides.

Busy day planned today, gotta go.........


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  1. I think your painting is coming along nicely. I agree that you should darken some of the petals a little to give them more depth. (I'm probably too late with this comment...I'm VERY behind on all things blogging lately!)