Thursday, October 28, 2010

This and That Thursday

I just got out of bed - it is a wonder the hubster wasn't holding a mirror under my nose to see if I was alive. I am usually out of bed by 7, but I did stay up until 2 am.

I had the girls yesterday and boy was it a busy day. My daughter just called to ask me if I could take them again today. Of course, I would never say no if I was going to be home.

The girls did a lot of art yesterday, but I didn't have my camera at the ready. Today I will take some pix so that I have memories long after I start to lose my physical memory.

All I have for you today is a quick sketch I did for little Miss 3. She brought in some absolutely gorgeous leaves and asked me to draw them. She wanted me to hold them down and trace around them and I did so on her paper. But then I wanted to see if I could do a quick sketch for myself. I am planning to try to add color later today if I get the chance. I am going to try colored pencils and try Nancy's idea of using a colorless blender.

Here is what I have so far:

It is now 2:22 pm and I am trying to finish this before my Algebra student comes at 3 and then Miss 7 gets here on the bus at 4:15.

My goal is to spend some time coloring these leaves after their Mom picks them up around 6:30.

I think I will try to put some color on my bird drawing also. I really need to practice adding color without getting so frustrated that I trash them.

Better go get ready for my tutoring session.

I'll try to have more to offer tomorrow.

Just have to tell you about David Kassan - you probably already know of him, but I just found out about him yesterday and I am totally captivated. Boy can he draw!

See you tomorrow...


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  1. So much to catch up with here since I've been away!I'm looking forward to seeing your pretty leaves colored in!