Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo of the Day and A Blind Contour

Today's photo is one that was taken at Kensington Park near Brighton, Michigan. I adore the color and the peaceful setting. Wouldn't you like to meet here for lunch?

We are leaving for the Adirondack mountains on Tuesday and are tentatively planning to stay in Lake George as our base and take several day trips from there. Burlington, Vermont, is one of our planned excursions. We are planning to go through Canada and Niagara Falls and are thinking about coming back around the north side of Lake Ontario.

Anyone have any other ideas for us?

I am anticipating a lovely trip as the color is reported to be at its peak right now. I am taking two cameras - a point and shoot and my SLR. I am also hopeful of getting some sketching done and am taking sketching supplies as well as a small watercolor kit.

Today is a day to do some errand running and trip planning. We will make a short trip into Jackson to buy a couple of sweatshirts and are planning to borrow a GPS from the hubster's brother.

And as today is Blind Contour Friday, I have a self portrait blind contour that was done shortly after my latest self portrait. I think I really have to slow down when doing contours blind as I am not very good at them yet.

It's rather simian isn't it? And look at the size of that schnoz?

I am hoping to color my self portrait using several different media to see what I like the best. I'll share when I get some done. Meanwhile, I tutored Algebra last evening and have an appointment here tomorrow at 10 am and again on Monday at 3:00 pm. I have also been contacted to tutor some Calculus. That would be so wonderful. I don't want to lose my knowledge of it and using it is the only way to preserve it.

Hope you are having a lovely day and a splendiferous weekend!!



  1. Oh yes, Kensington is very beautiful at this time of year, and your photo definitely captures that beauty. Simian? Yep ... lol .... But, it's definitely a face, which is more than I can say for many of my blind contour faces. hugs, nancy

  2. LOVE that fall color! Scrumptious!

    Blind contours are just that—blind! Kudos to you for tackling it and posting it. I'd also say you're doing very well considering most of mine look like nothing they represent!

  3. NICE! Love the shapes, especially the nose, ears, mouth. I hope you have a good trip; it sounds like you have fun plans.

  4. Well you can always get a nose job! The Adirondacks sound beautiful - the photo takes me away.

  5. Great photo ! As for the self portrait, I have never dared trying a blind contour myself !!

  6. The Shelburne Museum in Burlington Vermont. Lots of wonderful things to see and sketch!

  7. Lol...your self-portrait may look a bit simian, but at least your mouth is ON your face! When I do a completely blind contour, more often than not I have at least one floating eye and almost always have a mouth in my throat! I think you've show quite a talent for it, actually!

  8. I used to go to Kensington quite often when I was younger. Our family reunions were held there too. Have a great time on your trip!

  9. Gorgeous shot. Nice contour too, and thanks for the wishes. People here are just too warm.

  10. Clever blind contour Vicki and lovely photo. Have a great trip, looking forward to seeing all those lovely autumn colours