Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Sunshine

I got up quite late this morning, but then I didn't hit the sack until about 3:30 this morning, to find the sun shining brightly into the house and my energy level immediately increased. While I can't be in the sun much (I am a redhead (mostly gray now) with very fair skin and blue eyes), I really appreciate seeing the sun.  I've got to get out today with the camera and get some pix around here. My New York pictures are really nice and I am sure we will venture there again in the future, but Michigan offers many wonderful photo opportunities also.

Here is another picture of Blue Mountain Lake from the trip:

I had a wonderful day yesterday with Miss 3 and am hoping to see her and her big sister and her Mom sometime today. I think they may be staying for dinner.

But I didn't get on the treadmill yesterday and I have to get back into that routine which means that when I am finished with this post, I have an appointment with the iPod and the walking machine.

I did get unpacked and did all the laundry. And, wonder of wonders, I dusted the living room. I swear it was an inch thick in there. I've been home two days and I've already tutored Algebra two times.  I did spend a bit of time last evening sketching and this is what I have.

I still need to work on my shading, but I don't think this is too bad.


I have a set of 36 Copic markers. I wanted them so much, but I still haven't used them and now I am engaged in the watercolor experience so don't think I will use them at all. I would love to have a set of Isabey Cat's Tongue brushes or NEEF Alvaro Castagnet Series 117 Brushes.  Or maybe you have something else related to watercolor, bookbinding, or sketching that you'd like to trade. Is there someone out there who would like to trade? or purchase them? It is such a shame to have them just sitting on the shelf.

I also have a Zutter Bind-It-All that I never use as I like to bind my books by hand. If you would like to buy it or trade for it let me know. I have the book "Bound 2 Bind" and two large boxes of rings, 2 medium boxes of rings and two small boxes of rings. Mine is version 1 and is light blue.

Another "toy" that I have that I no longer use is the Spellbinder's Wizard embossing and die cutting system. It does a wonderful job and they have wonderful dies and nestabilities, but I don't make cards and I no longer do scrapbooking. This would include all the dies that I have, too.

I would be so thrilled to trade or sell these so that I can get supplies that I would use. I hate to have good products just sitting around.

If you are interested, either leave a comment or email me.

The treadmill calls.......



  1. How much are you selling the Copics for? I have been dying to try them...

  2. Vicki, Another beautiful photo! I hope you get back in your routine soon. I know the treadmill can be a bit boring but it's worth it. I walk a lot outdoors but with the winter weather not far away I've started to eye our old treadmill, trying to figure out a way to set up my portable DVD player near it.

  3. Is it not kosher to list these things on EDM? I'm sure you'd find some takers there if it's not frowned on posting things like this.

    It's really hard to get back on the old routine once you've broken the ritual. Ask me how I know this. I admire you for keeping it a top priority.

    The drawing is very nice. Keep up the good work.

    Our weather has turned glorious...I love the fall season and can't wait for Thanksgiving. I love to cook the meal and love to eat it too.

  4. Nice photo, great sketch...but as I love to shop, I can't take my eyes off good deals, especially on art supplies. :)
    I've never used any expensive markers, and Copic Sketch usually goes for $4-5 each >.< I don't really have anything water color to trade, but I'd like to know how much are you asking for. =)

  5. Christmas is looming with all its peripheral expenses so funds are a little shortj, but I'm interested in your Spellbinder Wizard embosser. Do you have a ballpark figure you'd sell it for?

  6. The lake photo is another one that will make a great painting! And your pitcher drawing is really, really good. You go girl!!! lol hugs, nancy