Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have You Seen My Muse?

I managed to get quite a bit done yesterday - I walked the treadmill, ran some errands, caught up on the crossword puzzles that had accumulated in my absence, and unpacked; but when it was time for "art" I couldn't find my muse. It worries me when I have to be away from her for long periods. I am afraid she will get tired of waiting for me and go find another "host". I have my painting class this afternoon, so I sure hope she remembers and chooses to come along.

Miss 3 is arriving around noon and then her sister will be delivered by the school bus around 4:15. My class is from 4 to 7. I think I will plan to stay until 6 and then come home to play with my little ones. I am still working on the fisherman watercolor and will share the changes tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here is the photo of the day:

The trees aren't changing very much yet, but this burning bush is providing lots of color in the front yard. I love the quality of the light this time of year and I love it that it is quite cold in the morning but then is lovely hoodie weather later in the day.

I slept in until almost 8:30 this morning which is really late for me, but I must have needed it. I didn't get much sleep while I was up north. I checked in with my Mom yesterday only to find that she fell just after I left. She is not used to all that space in her bedroom and was backing up to sit on the bed but didn't go back far enough. She is a little sore, but nothing serious. Meanwhile, my sister who is still there reports that many pictures were hung yesterday and the intercom system is working.

We are planning an open house and birthday celebration for my Mom on her birthday, October 24, in the community room that is right next to her apartment. At this time I don't know if I will be able to go or not. If I do, I plan to take lots of pix to document the occasion. 

All this activity and planning makes me want to shout "Stop this merry-go-round, I want to get off". I sure wish I was better at multitasking; I always feel so out of my depth and wish I could get more done in a day. Maybe if we could add a few hours to each day, I'd get more done.



  1. I hope you find Ms. Muse...probably out and about enjoying the fall weather. Once you get back to your normal routine, she'll probably be happy to join you.

    I find that it takes me as many days to recuperate as I have been gone, mainly because I don't sleep well away from my own nest. Travel wears me out even though I enjoy it.

    Enjoy your painting class and tell us all about it. Hope you make some progress on the paintings you started earlier.

  2. Jeepers, woman - you get more done in a day than anyone I've ever known! I think your muse is napping from exhaustion, but will wake up just in time to be there when you need her! hugs, nancy