Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cat and Leaf Stamps and Mail Art

I didn't go to my conditioning class yesterday morning as I couldn't seem to quit sneezing and blowing my nose. We share bands and balls and I just didn't think it would be right to be spreading all those germs. I did practice balancing on my ball. I am getting better, but am not ready for the photographer yet.

I did spend a bit of time carving in the afternoon when I felt that I was going to have to have a nap. I didn't want to go to sleep because I needed to get to the post office and I had a Friends of the Library meeting in the afternoon. The post office and the Henrietta Branch of the library are very near each other. This time I carved a folk arty cat and a whimsical leaf. I am beginning to think I am addicted to this carving. I have so much pleasure making them. I do believe it is time to try another face.

I think I mentioned that I was participating in a postcard swap whose focus was hand carved stamps. I received my first one yesterday and is it beautiful! And such a large stamp. Isn't this gorgeous? It is from Donna Barnitz and I feel quite special to have such a treasure arrive at my door.

Today I am going back to the Salvation Army in Howell, but this time I am taking my daughter with me. It is so much fun to spend a day with her. She is much better at looking for treasures, especially of the clothing variety. She is looking for work clothes and I am looking for fall tops. We will have lunch out and come back when we want to. Neither of us has any obligations today. What fun!

The Tigers are on this evening, so I will be spending some time in front of the TV, but watching baseball is such that I could be working on some art at the same time, just not something messy. Maybe I will begin my value study of the Van Gogh flowers that I've been assigned.

What about you? What are you doing today? Does it include a bit of creativity? Do share...



  1. I really like the cat stamp :D And yeah, the flag stamp looks awesome too!

  2. Great stamp carving as usual ~ they look great ~ Great gift of flag card ~ enjoy shopping ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. I love looking at your stamps! What materials do you use to make them?

  4. I am loving all your hand-carved stamps. As the owner of two black cats, I'm partial to that kitty stamp. When my son was young we used to make up "superhero kitty" stories at bedtime about the secret lives of our cats. Your cat stamp could easily be flying - I'd be doodling little capes all over them! I was also very impressed by the word stamp you carved a few posts back. I've had one fairly crappy attempt at word carving - yours looks great!

  5. Your day with your daughter sounds lovely, and I love the stamps, those you carved and the mail art you received. What a lovely idea.