Thursday, October 4, 2012

Found Poetry

I had a very busy, sleep deprived day yesterday. I spent most of the day under a blanket in my recliner reading "Lizzie's War" by Tim Farrigan. I didn't get a nap, but it was a nice, lazy day. I did go to my personal training session in the late afternoon and boy, did I get a great workout. I fell asleep on the couch before 9 pm and when I finally roused myself to move to my bed, I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. I had a great night's sleep and feel great today.

I thought I would share with you a "found" poem from page 70 of The Last Tycoon by F Scott Firzgerald. I selected the book at random and let it fall open where it may. Then I selected random bits of sentences that I thought went together well.

Always the same fight,
He was in danger
Sometimes ten feet can be too long
The oracle had spoken.

The hubster has a dentist appointment this morning and I don't have anything planned for the day at all except to try a cabbage soup recipe that I found online. I have some fresh vegetables from the farm including a beautiful head of cabbage that I would like to use in this soup. The recipe I found says that it has zero points in the Weight Watchers system. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I am planning to do a bit of house cleaning today - ugh! I used to think that if I could ask for anything in the world it would be world peace or a cure for cancer or clean air for everyone. You know the BIG things. But when I know that I must dig in and clean this house, I think I would wish for a self-cleaning house. Just think what that would mean to Mom's everywhere. All those plans for when you have time would have a chance to happen then. I don't think I am going to be able to make this a reality, so it is time to crank up the classic rock and get this ole body in motion.

When I have achieved a modicum of cleanliness, I hope to get another stamp carved, clean up my art space a bit so I have room to make a new handbound book, make a painterly watercolor landscape painting,  throw some paint on my next two page spread in my art journal, and draw a new face in my Face It journal.

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Does it include the drudgery of housework? Are you planning to make some homemade soup? Are you working on an art project you'd like to share? Are you reading a good book you can recommend? Do tell.....



  1. Hmm ~ you and I spent a similar day yesterday ~ gad was I lazy ~ guess I needed ~ A Self Clean House would be nice ~ I am trying to stop 'consuming' and getting rid of 'stuff' ~ that might help ~ have a creative day ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. I have homemade cabbage soup in the frig and just had some for lunch! Second bath this last few weeks. Just so good this time of year. I hope you got time to play. :)

  3. Hi Vicki! Hope the soup is good. Thought I would share that I am reading 'Murder Must Advertise' by Dorothy L Sayers, written I think in the 1930s: beautiful characterisation, one of my all time favourite sleuths, and very relaxing. Love the 'found' poem by the way.

  4. Ha, i just posted a cabbage recipe on my blog!! My day today, it is Friday here, was spent at doctors & physiotherapy... Feel like a pin cushion after tratment with " Dry Needling" Ouch. Great post!

  5. I made home made pizza! Dough and all. Packing up and moving out I hope next week. Working harder throw away.
    You need to down size the House.
    But then you have all the Kiddies.
    Just want the money I transferred to go into the bank. Our bank is so slow. You can see it. But they will not let you have it.

  6. I just finished my own cabbage soup last week. You can tell it's cabbage season! it makes such good soups and I was craving it.

  7. Love the found poetry! Hope you do a lot more of it. There is something just enchanting about it.