Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I didn't get much art done since the last time I "talked" to you, but I did have a nice evening with my daughter and her girls. We had hot cider and donut holes for a snack and then baths and bedtime for the girls. Dana and I watched "Salt" that she had borrowed from the library. Unbelievable, but a good watch. I slept better than I have the last couple of times I stayed and the morning was a pretty good one.

I have decided that I have to be more honest about my work space. The last time I participated in What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, I only showed a close up of a fairly uncluttered space, but today I decided to be more honest. Maybe it will help me to overcome the procrastination and do a bit of picking up and rearranging in here. I have three four separate work spaces in my art room and will share each one with you today. I was really tempted to tidy them up before snapping the pix, but as you can see, I didn't.

My computer station built into bookshelves by the hubster.

My mixed media/art journal/stamping space.

My watercolor space. I think the fan can be put away for a few months.

This is my drafting table the hubster built for me. It needs a serious clean up and the stool needs to be cleared off before I can sit here.

The volunteer stint at the library used book store went fairly well, but was a very long four hours. I was the best customer of the day. For $2 I got a handful of large print books for my Mom, a book about the crusades for the hubster and several books and a couple of magazines for myself.

Today I have a haircut and then am driving to Brighton to the Livingston County Library book sale with my sister-in-law and am spending the night at her house. I am expecting to have a great time as I always do when I spend time with her. She is a multifaceted, multi-talented artist who always has something fascinating to share with me. I may even get some sketching and/or painting done while I am there.

What about you? What are you planning for the day? Does it include creative time? Do share....



  1. well done on being brave and showing all those desks,you certainly are multi talented :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  2. Love all the space you have to work! Plans for the art today! I have a lot of errands to run to try to return our lives back to normal after a drunk driver rear ended us last Friday! Maybe if I get them all finished today I can have some art time! Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you! Drive safely! :)

    Katie (116)

  3. You have several work areas--cool! I have a craft table and an art table. It's so nice to be able to leave a project out while you are working on it.
    Enjoy your time with your SIL! I have no plans. Have a cold or hay fever or something this week. ;)

  4. Actually looks pretty organized to me.

  5. I'm with Beth -- this is way tidier than my bookspace! Hope you got some great books -- I love library sales!

  6. I've been purging my craft/sewing/knitting/art/computer space...the front bedroom of our house. Getting rid of all hard back books & paper backs...can't read anymore...can't concentrate, makes me crazy. I can listen to audio books when I go to the gym or walk in the park...getting rid of a lot of yarn that I've stockpiled and will never use. My craft stuff has been living in major piles of unsorted chaos, so that's getting organized. My painting desk looks like a bomb hit it. I've been making autumn leaf postcard size paintings, mounting float style on mat board, building up a supply to have seasonal "cards" on hand. My friends love them and they can be done quickly and are so much fun to do.

    I don't think your various spaces are messy at can you be tidy when working with mixed media? There's no way. I'm about to launch into a postcard exchange...should be fun.

  7. Good grief .... That's messy? Mine is MESSY! Yours looks great to me. Hugs, nancy

  8. Vicki - I've been reading back in your blog = love your stamps! I'm also a little jealous of all that space you have. Thanks for visiting my blog this week. Lori #103

  9. I love your space and how you organized it! Really!
    One day I will do like you for sure!
    Have a nice day!

  10. I see creativity hard at work in those pictures.

  11. Man you're luck to have a sister just as crafty!!! I had to adopt one offline to be my craftin buddy and heart her to death! I think one week WOYWW will make you want to clean and the next say what the heck heres the dirt on my room -get it!?LOL Tamika #14