Friday, October 19, 2012

Watercolor Still Life WIP

I spent much of yesterday cleaning house and then watching the Tigers clinch the American League Pennant. Afterwards I began the task of choosing a still life to paint. I chose the top left even though more of you liked the bottom right. Something about the angle of the rectangular books and the trio of rounded is the beginning sketch,

I began with the background in a purplish color and added salt to it. I was expecting magic, but I got ugliness. But I persisted. I added a bit of color to the books - as it turns out, not the color they really are. Then I added a bit of color to the fruit. It is not at all like I pictured it, but it is not done yet. I need to add more contrast to the colors and shadows.

At this point I cannot decide whether to add shading and then do a glaze overall with plastic over it to create interesting texture. Or whether to begin to add interest with pastels or colored pencils. Comments/suggestions are more than welcome.

This morning I am getting my teeth cleaned and then have to take a camera battery back to Best Buy. It will not power my camera. I probably should have insisted on the Canon battery, not a generic. I then have the middle of the day to play in my art room. In the afternoon I have a chiropractor visit followed by my personal training workout. When I get home Miss Z will be here for the weekend.

What about you? What do you have planned for today and the weekend? Does it include family time? art time? baking or homemade soup making? Do tell....



  1. Hi Vicki, just a word about the camera battery. I have a Canon and bought a generic battery (I think DigiPower) from Future Shop. It was about half the price of the Canon, and I have never had a problem with it....I've had it about 2 years now.

    your w/c is very nice. I really like the idea of adding texture with the plastic wrap...

  2. great color ! pretty lika an illustration work!

  3. Your composition is really nice. Are you thinking of putting in any shadows?

  4. You might want to use some blue or purple/blue on the table since the analogous colors kind of wash out and yes on the shadows. The items are well done.

  5. Shading and texture glaze sounds interesting you should trust your gut.

  6. Keep going,add a few more layers and some shadows

  7. This is coming along beautifully!!
    Quiet day, but played some yesterday with ink and an air can. :)

  8. Great job Vicki :)Looks great!