Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Pix, Another Hand Carved Stamp, and A Watercolor

You know I fully intended to clean house yesterday. Well, when I did up the dishes midmorning, I washed down the cupboards and the front of the dishwasher; and then I got distracted by something in my art room. Maybe I will do a bit today.

Yesterday around noon the hubster and I decided to go spanortin' around the Waterloo Recreation Area. It was a beautiful afternoon and the ride was lovely. I took a few photos that I thought I'd share with you. As you can see, the color is not at its peak, but there is some beauty to behold.

I made another batch of soup yesterday, this time it was a cabbage soup, into which I put carrots, onions, garlic, and broccoli. It was flavored with beef broth, a bit of tomato paste, basil and oregano. I also added a little pack of Knorr's Beef Soup Concentrate. It was delicious, but I forgot to take a pic.

After dinner, as there was no baseball to watch, I headed to my art room where I carved a long car stamp. I guess I like it. I really have to remember to draw things in the reverse so they face the way I want them to.

And I played a bit in my Face It journal and began a two page spread which I am not at all happy with, but I will wait to see what evolves before deciding it is done.

While I was trying to decide what else to add to this spread, I wet a 9 x 12 piece of watercolor paper and tried to begin a wet into wet, painterly, loose landscape. After putting a bit of color on as a first layer, I took a bottle of water out and sat in the swings in the backyard with the hubster as we know we are not going to get many days like this any more this season. When I returned it was to find all kinds of hard edges and not anything like I'd imagined. I tried to add a bit of green here and there and some rocks into the stream, but I am very disappointed with myself. I decided to share it anyway in case you have any constructive criticism for me. 

Today is a new day and it is grey and wet outside. It is supposed to be quite a bit cooler this weekend and pretty much cloudy with periods of rain the entire time. Miss Z is coming this afternoon to spend the weekend with us, so I am hoping that tomorrow has enough dry time for us to get out and about. As for the time between now and her arrival, I hope to get a bit of cleaning done (where is that self-cleaning house when you really need it?), perhaps begin another watercolor, work in my art journals, and maybe carve another stamp. I am pretty sure I am not making any soup today, but may buy a rotisserie chicken some time in the next few days so that I have a carcass with which to make some lighter soup than all the beef based ones I've been making lately.

What about you? What are you up to today? I so enjoy reading your comments and your blogs to see all the wonderful things you get yourselves into! Do share...



  1. I like your car! When I carve stamps, I always draw them, and then trace them. Then when I put the traced image down and rub the back to transfer it, the stamped image will end up like my original. It's about 90% of the reason I don't draw directly on the carving material. (The other 10% is about equally that I often change my mind on the drawing too many times and don't want to end up with a smudged mess on the material and that I sometimes draw bigger than I want the stamp to be, so I'll scan and resize the image.)

    Today was a day where everything I touched turned out wrong, so I definitely relate to your feelings about the watercolor. No constructive criticism here, as watercolor is definitely not my medium.

  2. I have never heard the term "spanortin' around", but I love it. What a wonderful place to spanort. ;)

    I made another batch of cabbage soup a few days ago and am still enjoying it. So perfect for this fall weather.

    I spent the day cutting out the tangle prints. Maybe I'll get to something arty this weekend. Enjoy yours. :)

  3. I woke up this morning in the mood to make soup and thought of your blog. I was planning on emailing to ask for the recipe for your mushroom beef barley but then found black bean sausage so I'm going to try that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Vicky! Love your darling carved stamps. I think your watercolor is actually a really good start! You have very good perspective for your underpainting and really all you need to do is put some darks to create some depth and I think you will be pleased. I think it's just not quite finished. Good colors too.

  5. I vow not to be lazy! Tons to get rid of.
    Headed to Storage and then for food.
    Then more cleaning and packing.
    Wish I had not hurt my leg.
    Take care!

  6. gorgeous photos and your watercolor landscape captures the colors of yhe season beautifully!

  7. Your photos are stunning, and yes, it's a great start on your painting! Hugs, nancy