Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still Life Sketches and Blog Links

So I played with the still life set ups a bit more yesterday and then got out my sketchbook and gave it a try. I did these fairly quickly to get an idea what it is I want to start with on watercolor paper so I can try to paint one of these.

I think I like the one with the three pieces of fruit and the empty pitcher better than the second one. I like the fit of the pitcher behind the books better than in the other one. Perhaps today I will get it onto watercolor paper and get the paper taped onto my board so I can begin painting.

I don't know for sure what else I am doing today, besides cleaning. On Sunday when three of the grandgirls were over for dinner, they were playing with cardboard boxes making houses with them. Apparently one or more of them had some styrofoam packing material in them and there is a mess of little white pieces that really need to be swept and vacuumed before the baby arrives tomorrow for her stay.

I made a quick bratwurst soup the other day, but it is too thin. Today I will doctor it with either barley, rice, or more veggies and cabbage. I haven't decided yet, but I must rescue it. I really don't like thin soup and neither does the hubster.

Later today my daughter and I are planning to go to the gym and work out. There is a gym in Jackson that is $10/month with no contract. They are open 24/7, which works really well for the daughter as she works late several days a week. It will be interesting to see what they have to offer for this ridiculously low price. And speaking of gyms and workouts, yesterday at my personal training session, I was actually able to balance on the ball on my knees for several seconds. Now just to get it so I can stay on indefinitely. 

Some time ago I was talking about all the wonderful blogs I read and that I should provide a few links once a week and I did once, but I've forgotten about it, so today I would like to do that. Here are a few links to blogs that I look forward to each day.

View From the Oak - Lin Frye
The Fading Rose - Gillian Mowbray
A Painter's Year - Susan Abbott
Art Hearts Place - Barbra Joan

So, what are you doing today? I can hear the rain beating down outside my windows, so a morning walk in the yard is out of the question. I can't decide whether to get started on the housework and be done with it or procrastinate here in my art room for a bit.



  1. I like the first one too, did you get a good light source to make some shadows?

  2. Good idea adding the art supplies to the pitcher

  3. I like them both, actually. :)

  4. Lovely lines :) Pitchers can be so useful in so many ways ^^