Tuesday, October 16, 2012

List It Tuesday

I almost forgot about List It Tuesday. I spent the day with my daughter and told her that because I want to move so badly I couldn't think of anything I love about where I live. And then after we got back to my house and were sitting out in the sun on the deck drinking coffee, I had to reconsider.

So without further ado, here is my list:

To see others who participate or to participate yourself, go to artsyville and check out Mr. Linky.



  1. Oh, screened porches ~love~
    Great list!

  2. Lists like this are so helpful to me sometimes. Hope this help you too.

  3. I love screen in porches. And lakes.

    And I so understand. I have mixed feelings about my own place in the world at the moment & am planning a move.

    And birds at the feeder. I miss that!

  4. Four seasons are just such an exotic idea ... we have coolish... and bloody hot and that is it...
    sorry you are wanting to move but pretty cool you still found some positives in there
    Trace xx

  5. I'm with these ladies...four seasons and a screened porch...HEAVEN! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I get ya! In fact I posed this topic (selfishly) as a tough challenge to myself because we have had such a rough year getting settled in our new digs. Thanks for sticking it out and finding the good in it!

  7. i love having four seasons-- particularly since our winter is mild. your list is perfect-- very cozy!